About CIT

About CIT

“The CIT Program is a perfect stepping stone from camper to counselor. Through our activities, lessons and the relationships I made while being at Island Pond for all eight weeks, I developed responsibility, awareness and above all, confidence.” – Fernwood Cove CIT

Hightlights of the CIT Summer

Volunteer Opportunities

Fernwood Cove CITs and Junior Counselors learn the importance of giving back to their community through volunteer opportunities within camp and with community organizations.  Past experiences have included volunteering on the construction site of a Habitat for Humanity home, volunteering for a local community garden and volunteer days at Camp Sunshine.  Depending on school requirements, time spent assisting with camper bunks and leading activities and trip days can be utilized as service hours.  CITs can accumulate at least 100 hours per session and Junior Counselors can acquire up to 650 hours per summer!

Teambuilding Opportunities

Each session begins with CIT Teambuilding days facilitated by High 5 Adventure Learning Center in Brattleboro, VT.  The CITs and their counselors participate in 3 days of team building, low ropes, and high ropes activities. This trip provides the opportunity for tremendous growth– both as individuals and as a group.  CIT Counselors provide continued facilitation of teambuilding activities on the Fernwood Cove Ropes Course that allow CITs to further develop their problem solving, communication and leadership skills.

cit-with-campersBeing a Buzzin

Each CIT is assigned to a younger camper bunk as their Bunk Cousin (Buzzin). CITs assist their buzzins with bunk clean-up each morning and participate in nightly bunk activities before lights out. CITs form strong bonds with their Buzzin bunks while gaining first hand knowledge and skills for working with younger campers.

Developing & Leading Evening Programs

CITs are responsible for developing at least one Evening Program throughout the summer. This includes coming up with the initial idea of the program, organizing materials and supplies, and leading the final program. In addition CITs lead a variety of Evening Programs including the Miss Fernwood Cove Pageant. CITs also enjoy assisting with Mini Courses and Age Group activities.