Schedule a Phone Call

Schedule a Phone Call

Phone calls are for parents: Phone calls are optional – the majority of Campers and their families choose to not make a call during the summer. At no time has a Camper ever said a phone call home has helped with homesickness or made their Camp experience better. With many Campers, phone calls cause anxiety in days and sometimes weeks leading up to the call and can often bring about severe cases of homesickness. As Directors, one of our jobs is to ensure your daughter’s happiness and well being – in doing so we have limited phone calls to ONE call per session.

Campers will be allowed to call home at these appointed times (all Eastern Standard Time). Calls may be made at no charge

  • Before Dinner 5:30 PM- 6:20 PM
  • Friday Morning 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM (Friday only)

vollyballCampers may only make ONE phone call during their stay at Camp! Too many phone calls may engender homesickness. If parents live in different locations, your daughter may make a phone call to each parent. She will also be allowed to make an additional call if it happens to be a parent birthday. Please use discretion if your birthday happens to fall within the first 12 days of camp. Please call a Director for advice if you are unsure how a call may affect your daughter.

Parents MUST schedule phone appointments by emailing us at ; please write “Phone Appointment” in the subject line and provide our Staff with a range of times you are available; your daughter’s name and any alternative phone numbers she may need to call. We will reply confirming the time of your daughter’s appointment.

Phone calls are limited to 8 minutes to ensure access to all Campers! A Staff member will be monitoring this.

Should you require a specific time to speak with your daughter, or you live in a distant time zone, please note this in your initial Phone Appointment email.

The Earliest Phone Calls May be Scheduled

First date for outgoing calls to parents from Campers is:

Session 1: Wednesday, July 6th 2016

Session 2: Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

Times Your Child is Unavailable to Make Calls

  • When Campers are still in their activities.
  • Special Programs (all-Camp activities, sports events, extra trips, overnights… Camp is full of surprises.)
  • No Phone Calls on Trip Days – the 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of each session.

A Special Note about Phone Calls

slideOn the day of your daughter’s scheduled phone call, she will receive a written reminder (a phone slip) at Rest Hour informing her of her appointment.

It is up to your daughter to be on time for her phone appointment!

**Our Office Staff often receives calls from frustrated parents when their daughter does not call at her appointed time. Please note: Our office staff do not have control over your daughter’s whereabouts; and furthermore, while this can be very frustrating for you, this is a key indicator that your daughter is having the time of her life and time simply got away from her. If this becomes a point of concern for you please call and ask for a Director to call you back.

“The child that wants to call home every day is of particular concern to us – the child that forgets to call home simply needs a gentle reminder that for five minutes, Camp is not all play.”

Your understanding and co-operation is greatly appreciated!!