The Horse Barn is home to Fernwood Cove’s horses as well as the Natural Horsemanship Program.  Campers can sign-up for one of three options within the Natural Horsemanship Program.  Each option allows campers to experience our holistic program that focuses on the partnership between human and horse. While also developing skills that will benefit riders of all disciplines and abilities.

Campers of all ages and abilities are challenged in our Gymnastics program, housed in our competitive level gym.  The opportunity is created to develop skills and improve technique and overall fitness while progressing through the Fernwood Cove Gymnastics Skill Levels. Gymnastics counselors provide safe and supportive coaching while working to achieve campers’ personal goals.

Newly constructed in 2014 our expansive course is continually being improved and expanded. It is located amongst the trees and it offers great challenges with a Zip Line at the end of the course.

Fernwood Cove has 2 solar arrays which produce over 50% of our energy.

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Rock Climbing at Fernwood Cove utilizes two climbing towers that provide campers with age and skill level appropriate climbing. Campers progress from easier climbs through to higher and more difficult climbs. They work to develop the appropriate skills while also learning the importance of safety, teamwork, and trust throughout the activity week.

Housing Fernwood Cove’s Creative & Studio Arts activities, the Arts Complex is a hub of creativity throughout the summer.  Arts activities range from crafts and sewing to more technically skilled activities like metal-smithing and ceramics.  No matter the activity, campers are encouraged to explore their creative side while completing projects that help them discover a variety of original media and gain new skills. Activity options change weekly throughout the summer, ensuring campers have a multitude of opportunities to imagine and produce.

Fernwood Cove girls enjoy experiencing the Fernwood Cove Farm through the FC Farm Girls program and through our community service options during the camp session.  FC Farm Girls provides campers the opportunity to learn about a variety of small farm animals, gardening, and Fernwood Cove’s sustainability efforts through fun, hands-on activities.  Fernwood Cove girls can also gain community service experience by caring for the garden and harvesting vegetables during the Fernwood Cove Day of Service.

The hub of Fernwood Cove’s communications and business operations, the Office is open year-round.  The Office also serves as a central meeting point in camp, and is the first stopping point for any visitors to camp.  Centrally located atop the hill, the Office provides a panoramic view of Fernwood Cove 365 days a year.

The Nightingale, Fernwood Cove’s Healthcare Center, houses the healthcare facilities as well as the team of Healthcare Center Staff.  With a Registered Nurse (RN) always on duty, the Fernwood Cove Healthcare Center Staff provide around the clock care to all Fernwood Cove campers, CITs, and staff.

Fernwood Cove’s Dining Hall, known throughout camp as The Feeder, accommodates this summer camp community for three healthy, well-rounded meals a day.  The Kitchen Staff, led by Chef Keith, are passionate about food service and providing the best foods possible.

Fernwood Cove’s Culinary Arts building houses a state-of-the art kitchen for campers to learn a variety of cooking methods and techniques in our Culinary Arts activities.  Campers learn the basics of kitchen and food safety while making a variety of foods.  Campers are also able to experience new tastes, helping to broaden their palate while tasting the various dishes they create throughout the activity week.

Our 2 large bunny hutches house over 16 bunnies a summer. Each day at 5:30pm is bunny time where campers and staff gather to hold, pet and play with their favorite bunny.

Campers live in one of the 21 bunks along the Bunk Line.  Fernwood Cove girls enjoy communal living under the guidance and supervision of their Bunk Moms.  The bunk family is completed by Bunk Uncles, Bunk Aunts and Bunk Cousins who all participate in daily bunk activities. Bunks on the Bunk Line house the younger half of camp and have a toilet and sink, as well as a cubby room for storage, in the bunk

The Nature Tree House provides a unique vantage point in the Fernwood Cove forest through its round second floor observatory.  This unstructured space is utilized for Yoga and bunk activities, as well as instructional activities about the Fernwood Cove forest.  The Outdoor Living Skills and Outdoor Cooking programs are housed in the first floor of the Tree House, with the surrounding forest a nearby campfire ring providing quality outdoor learning opportunities.

A meandering boardwalk through the forest leads you to the Archery range.  Fernwood Cove girls learn the technical skills associated with Archery through the USA Archery Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program.  They also can also participate in competitive Archery events with nearby camps.

A central aspect of our Land Sports program, the Land Sports Field is a multi-use space utilized for instructional activities and competitive inter-camp events.  Campers can choose from instructional options in Soccer, Lacrosse or Field Hockey.  Land Sports counselors provide skill level appropriate instruction, ensuring campers of all ages and abilities learn new skills while enjoying game play.

Moxie, Fernwood Cove’s mascot, was born on the shores of Island Pond.

Fernwood Cove’s two dance studios offer campers the opportunity to experience ballet, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz dance activities. Counselors ensure a welcoming and supportive dance environment for campers of all ages and abilities.  Fitness activities such as aerobics and yoga are also offered in the Fernwood Cove dance studios.

Fernwood Cove’s Tennis Courts provide the idea learning and playing environment for Fernwood Cove campers.  Fernwood Cove’s customized Tennis program ensures continued growth and development through interactive drills and games and game-play options.  Campers looking for competitive level options have the opportunity to participate in inter-camp events featuring singles and doubles play with nearby camps.

Fernwood Cove has a sand volley ball court and basketball court with height adjustable backboard and Rings.

Softball, Kickball, Cricket, and Rounder’s can all be played on the Fernwood Cove Softball Field.  Fernwood Cove campers enjoy experiencing a variety of sports from the countries represented in the Fernwood Cove community.  Campers of all ages and abilities are able to explore different games under the guidance of highly experienced counselors, providing them a multi-cultural sports experience.

The Chickawah Theater, commonly known as “The Chick” is named after Camp Chickawah.  Rebuilt in 2011, The Chick houses all of Fernwood Cove’s Performing Arts activities, including theatre, dance, and music.  Campers of all ages and abilities can participate in the weekly activity offerings, with many culminating with a performance in the weekly Performance Night.  Campers can also audition for larger performance productions in Dance and Theater, or participate in more advanced options like Rock Band or A ’Capella.

Fernwood Cove Welcomes you to come and join the magic. With over 200 acres of land, open water front, more than 40 activities and 300 people for the summer.

The Fernwood Cove waterfront offers a picturesque background for paddling, sailing, rowing, swimming, and water skiing & wakeboarding activities.  Supervised by certified lifeguards and qualified activity instructors, Fernwood Cove campers learn new skills and enjoy the warm waters of Island Pond throughout the camp session.

Seventh Grade Campers and Fernwood Cove’s CITs enjoy living in the Waterfront Bunks.  Aptly named due to their proximity to the shores of Island Pond, these bunks provide picturesque views of the lake, and nightly serenades from the resident loons and bullfrogs.  Campers & CITS utilize the nearby “Birdbath” bathhouse.

One of Fernwood Cove’s long-standing traditions, our weekly Campfire, occurs at the Campfire Circle.  Nestled in the woods alongside the shores of Island Pond, the Campfire Circle provides the perfect setting for the Fernwood Cove community to enjoy campfire songs, stories and other Fernwood Cove traditions.

Led by our trained and qualified counselors, Fernwood Cove campers learn water skiing and wakeboarding skills as they progress through the Fernwood Cove skills-based program.  Campers receive individualized instruction, ensuring continued growth for campers of all ages.

Fernwood Cove’s oldest campers live in a single bunk, by age group.  Fernwood Cove Juniors (8th grade) live in Penguin and Seniors (9th grade) live in Flamingo.  Both bunks are separated into four “wings” providing structured living space as well as communal space for socializing and group meetings.  Fernwood Cove Seniors, Flamingos, enjoy having their own bathhouse, The Lagoon, including its outdoor showers!

Centrally located on the Fernwood Cove property, the Director’s House provides Fernwood Cove Directors, Jim & Beigette Gill, and their children picturesque views of Fernwood Cove all twelve months of the year.  Living on the Fernwood Cove property has created a sense of home in all aspects of camp.  The Gill Family enjoys the amazing outdoor opportunities that Fernwood Cove provides them year-round and they look enjoy sharing it with Fernwood Cove campers, CITs, and staff each summer.

Map Key

  • Archery Field
  • Arts Complex
  • Bunk Line
  • Bunny Hutches
  • Camp Fire Circle
  • Chickawah Theater
  • Climbing Walls
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dance Studio
  • Dining Hall
  • Director's House
  • FC Farm
  • Fernwood Cove
  • Fernwood Cove
  • Gymnastics
  • Health Care Center
  • High Ropes Course
  • Horse Barn
  • Landsports Field
  • Nature Tree House
  • Office
  • Penguin and Flamingo
  • Softball Field
  • Solar Panels
  • Tennis Courts
  • Volleyball and Basketball
  • Wakeboard and Waterskiing
  • Waterfront
  • Waterfront Bunks