Our onsite Horse barn has 14 stalls, an office, tack and grain room. Surrounding it we have 2 arena’s, a round corral and 11 arches of turn out fields for our horses.

Our timber frame Gymnastics building houses a full size spring floor, uneven bars, vault, beam, tumbling floor and loved by all the foam pit.

Newly constructed in 2014 our expansive course is continually being improved and expanded. It is located amongst the trees and it offers great challenges with a Zip Line at the end of the course.

Fernwood Cove has 2 solar arrays which produce over 50% of our energy.

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Fernwood Cove has 2 climbing towers offering a large variety of climbing options. The original wall has 5 climbing walls and the newer wall offers more diversity and challenge with overhangs and obstacles.

Our Arts complex is a series of three buildings housing ceramics, digital photography, arts and crafts, jewelry, painting and fabric arts with an outdoor court yard.

At Fernwood Cove’s farm we have a large vegetable garden, pigs, chickens, sheep and donkeys.

Fernwood Cove’s year round office is conveniently located with a view of the whole campus.

Fernwood Cove’s Health Care Center, also known as “The Nightingale” is where our onsite nurses live and provide care for our community.

Fernwood Cove’s dining hall is fondly known as “The Feeder”. It is able to seat 330 people at one time allowing our whole community to all share meals together.

Our Culinary Arts building is specifically built and designed for cooking classes

Our 2 large bunny hutches house over 16 bunnies a summer. Each day at 5:30pm is bunny time where campers and staff gather to hold, pet and play with their favorite bunny.

Fernwood Cove’s bunk line is for our campers from 2nd grade to 6th grade housing 8-10 campers and 2 female counselors know as “Bunk Moms”. Each bunk has running water and bathroom facilities.

Nestled in the woods is our octagon tree house where Nature, Outdoor living skills and Outdoor cooking is taught. When you go up to the second floor it feels like you are in the trees.

Our Archery field is located to the west of the Tennis Courts. To access the field you walk on a wooden board walk through the woods until you reach a large green field where Archery is taught.

Our Landsports field is where we coach soccer, lacrosse and field hockey. Plus on alternate days play green and white games and much more.

Did you see the Moose in the hot air balloon? Well that is Moxie the Moose, Fernwood Cove’s┬ámascot.

Fernwood Cove has 2 spacious dance studios allowing multiple dance genres to be offered at once including jazz, ballet, tap and freestyle.

Fernwood Cove has five Tennis courts, Three of these courts have overhead lighting for night time tennis.

Fernwood Cove has a sand volley ball court and basketball court with height adjustable backboard and Rings.

Fernwood Cove has a maintained sand softball field where campers play not only softball but also kickball.

The Chickawah Theater “The Chick” is our largest gathering space. This is where we have daily assembly, performances, evening programs and weekly services.

Fernwood Cove Welcomes you to come and join the magic. With over 200 acres of land, open water front, more than 40 activities and 300 people for the summer.

Fernwood Cove has a beautiful open waterfront with a sandy bottom were we offer water skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, canoeing, sailing, crew and paddle boarding.

The five waterfront bunks which house our 7th graders and Counselors in Training (CIT) have the best views of the lake, imagine waking up every morning looking out over Island Pond watching the sun rise.

Every week we have all camp “camp fire” where we gather to sing traditional and new songs, share stories and award the neatness banners.

One of Fernwood Cove’s most requested activities is wakeboarding and waterskiing. Island Pond is the ideal lake to learn on as it is calm and smooth. Once your skills improve we take you to a larger lake with bigger boats to advance your skills.

These Cabins known as “Penguin” and “Flamingo” are for our oldest campers who share these large spaces together.

This is were the Director’s Jim, Beigette and their two children (Sylvie & Perrin) ┬álive year round. Sometimes we do activities here like Felting or Scrapbooking with Beigette.

Map Key

  • Archery Field
  • Arts Complex
  • Bunk Line
  • Bunny Hutches
  • Camp Fire Circle
  • Chickawah Theater
  • Climbing Walls
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dance Studio
  • Dining Hall
  • Director's House
  • FC Farm
  • Fernwood Cove
  • Fernwood Cove
  • Gymnastics
  • Health Care Center
  • High Ropes Course
  • Horse Barn
  • Landsports Field
  • Nature Tree House
  • Office
  • Penguin and Flamingo
  • Softball Field
  • Solar Panels
  • Tennis Courts
  • Volleyball and Basketball
  • Wakeboard and Waterskiing
  • Waterfront
  • Waterfront Bunks