Evening Program

Evening Program

campfreEach day’s activities are rounded out with our Evening Programs, or EPs as they are known at camp.  These all-camp events include traditional options like weekly Campfire and our highly anticipated weekly Performance Night.  EPs are announced nightly at dinner, with many being special surprises throughout the camp session.  The camper excitement when surprise EPs like Counselor Hunt and Miss Fernwood Cove are announced is truly outstanding!

Mini Courses

Mini Courses happen once a week at camp and vary from week to week. Counselors create skits to present their Mini Courses, after which campers may signup for a particular Mini Course based on the the skit. Mini Courses are one hour activity blocks for campers to learn new skills such as duct tape bracelets, salsa dancing, campfire cinnamon buns, or canoe battleship, to name a few.

Performance Night

danceAt the end of each activity week, campers have the option to perform on stage any new skill or art they have learned in the Performing Arts. Performing Arts activities include guitar, vocal theater, theater, dance, and gymnastics. Performance Night is a great way to show your talents, overcome your stage fright, or just cheer on friends!


We have a number of campfires throughout the course of the summer. Campfire is a very special weekly event at Fernwood Cove. Traditional and new camp songs are interwoven with stories, complemented with hand motions, call and response, or absolute silence. It truly is an extraordinary experience.