Athletics & Fitness

Athletics & Fitness



The Athletics and Fitness programs at Fernwood Cove are structured to ensure appropriate level instruction and skill progression for campers of all ages. Campers are able to choose from a variety of individual and team sports as well as group and individual fitness options. Campers are encouraged to bring their own sports equipment with them to camp, however equipment is available for those campers who do not already have gloves, sticks, shin guards, etc. The Fernwood Cove Athletics and Fitness programs stress fair play, putting forth your personal best, and supportive sportsmanship.

Each camper is required to participate in at least one Sports or Fitness option each week. This helps ensure that campers stay physically active throughout the camp session. Sports and Fitness options change weekly, providing campers ample opportunity to participate in their favorite activities.

Campers who are looking for a more competitive option are able to sign up for one of our inter-camp teams. Inter-camp events are scheduled with nearby camps in a variety of events for campers of all ages. Campers can choose to participate as events are announced throughout the camp session. At Fernwood Cove we focus more on participation, good sportsmanship, and teamwork than on winning.

Fernwood Cove athletics and fitness instructors have a strong background in their respective activities and typically have experience in coaching and/or instructing. All athletics counselors participate in a coaching and sports instructing clinic that is led by the Athletics & Fitness Area Head. This helps ensure that all athletics and fitness activities are structured to include a balance of skill development, fitness, and game play options for both individual and team sports.

Land Sports

Campers can choose from field hockey, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball and softball weekly. Additional activities such as kickball, ultimate Frisbee, and touch rugby are offered based on counselor skills and camper interest. Land Sports activities are scheduled according to age group, with more advanced options available for girls needing to prepare for tryouts or maintain skills for travel/club teams at home. All Land Sports activities are developed to incorporate skill development through interactive, fun activities while also providing ample opportunity to apply the skills learned in game-play situations.


The Fernwood Cove Gymnastics program is housed in our state-of-the art gymnasium that includes a competitive size floor, uneven bars, vaults, balance beam and tumble track. The Gymnastics program is structured to provide campers of all experience levels appropriate level instruction and individual attention. Gymnastics counselors safely guide campers as they focus on personal goals while participating on each of the gymnastics elements helping to ensure well-rounded development for each camper. Fernwood Cove gymnastics counselors have a strong background in competitive level gymnastics with experience in coaching and training from nationally recognized gymnastics programs.


The Fernwood Cove Tennis program utilizes the I-Can Tennis Program developed by tennis professional and Fernwood Cove Athletics & Fitness Area Head, Paul Sykes. Fernwood Cove has its own tailor made version of the I-Can program, providing detailed lessons plans developed for every skill level. Utilizing this program provides Tennis instructors with teaching resources that help ensure the success of each Fernwood Cove camper who participates in tennis. Campers are evaluated for their tennis level at the beginning of the camp session, and scheduled in tennis activities accordingly. Campers continually move through the tennis program, ensuring they receive new lessons daily while they strengthen and develop their skills for this lifelong game.


The Fernwood Cove Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Archery Program allows campers of all ages and abilities to learn the sport of Archery in a fun and safe environment. The JOAD Archery program ensures continual skill development and advancement through the JOAD level system. Fernwood Cove Archery instructors are required to have prior coaching experience and many participate in additional training specific to the JOAD system and National Archery Association practices.


Fernwood Cove fitness activities range from group fitness options like Aerobics and Zumba, to individual training similar to popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs. There are additional options that include options in swimming and running as well as stretching and toning. Fitness activities are scheduled by age group and developed for the appropriate skill and fitness level of the campers. Fenrwood Cove fitness activities are focused on individual participation and improvement, with the goal being that each camper improves in her stamina and overall fitness throughout the activity week. Fitness instructors have knowledge and experience