Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure


The Fernwood Cove Adventure program provides a variety of activities that promote a greater understanding of self while developing life skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and trust. Counselors facilitate activities in a safe and structured manner, while providing campers with opportunities for to take safe, healthy risks. All Adventure activities take place in the natural surroundings of camp, helping to build environmental awareness and appreciate in each Fernwood Cove camper.

Fernwood Cove Adventure counselors have a strong background, including professional training and personal experience, in their respective activity areas. Activities are structured to ensure the highest level of safety and all Rock Climbing and Ropes Course activities comply with national level standards. All adventure equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis, with an annual inspection of our Ropes Course and Climbing Walls and related gear completed by an outside ropes course development company.

Mountain Biking

Fernwood Cove’s expansive trail system and surrounding environment provide the perfect home for our mountain biking program. Campers are able to explore the forest of camp and neighboring areas while learning the skills and techniques of mountain biking. Counselors instruct campers in safe and appropriate use of bikes, ensuring campers are appropriately challenged as their skills progress. All campers, CITs and staff are required to use helmets whenever biking. Campers are able to utilize their biking skills on our biking trips and overnights throughout the summer.

Outdoor Living Skills

Outdoor Living Skills (OLS) provides campers with the opportunity to learn about outdoor health and safety, campfire building, orienteering, shelter building, food preparation and trip planning. The program helps prepare campers of all ages for their overnight experiences and helps build a greater sense of security and level of comfort in living in an outdoor environment. OLS is a required activity for our youngest campers, helping to ensure they have a basic understanding of environmental ethics and camping skills and an increased appreciation for their outdoor world.


Fernwood Cove’s nature activities provide the perfect opportunity for campers of all ages to explore the natural environment. Fernwood Cove’s 300 wooded acres provide the perfect outdoor environment for campers to learn about ecosystems, Maine wildlife, water systems, and stewardship. Campers gain nature appreciation and environmental awareness as they explore beaver dams, streams, and old growth forests while participating in hands-on activities under the close supervision of knowledgeable counselors.

Rock Climbing

Fernwood Cove’s climbing towers offer a challenge to every level climber. Campers learn the basics of climbing and the proper use of climbing gear under the safe supervision of Fernwood Cove counselors. The Fernwood Cove climbing program utilizes skill levels that ensure adequate level instruction and continual challenges for each Fernwood Cove camper. Campers also learn about knot tying and other rock climbing skills related to belaying, climbing route set up, and rappelling. All Fernwood Cove climbing instructors participate in a weeklong, on-site training program led by our climbing wall and ropes course developer.

Ropes Course

The Fernwood Cove Ropes Course is the ultimate in hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. Campers develop skills such as cooperation, teamwork, communication, and trust as our trained counselors facilitate activities on the ground and on the Fernwood Cove low and high ropes courses. Campers work together to overcome the challenges and problems posed by each individual activity and element. Fernwood Cove Ropes Course instructors customize the activities and challenges presented to the group based on the individual group dynamics and skill development throughout the activity week.

Specialized activities for our campers in 2nd – 4th grades and 7th – 9th grades provide unique opportunities that are developed based on the developmental skills and abilities of campers in these age groups. Our 7th – 9th grade campers are able to participate in our “Emerging Leaders” program that builds upon prior Ropes Course experiences, helping these campers develop leadership skills that will benefit them as the leaders in camp. Our youngest campers develop greater self-awareness as well as skills related to group cooperation, trust, and communication through our Intro Team-building program. This program is a great introduction to the Fernwood Cove Ropes Course and provides our youngest campers with amazing opportunities to gain skills in cooperation, respect, and group living- some of Fernwood Cove’s foundational values.

All Fernwood Cove Ropes Course instructors have a strong background in teambuilding and ropes course facilitation. All ropes course instructors participate in additional on-site training led by our climbing wall and ropes course developer.