Natural Horsemanship & Agriculture

Natural Horsemanship & Agriculture

 Natural Horsemanship

Fernwood Cove’s Natural Horsemanship Program offers horsemanship for campers of all ages and riding abilities. Campers receive instruction in riding, ground skills and equine psychology based the Parelli Philosophies of  love, language, and leadership. Fernwood Cove’s Horsemanship Program is much more than just riding. We help facilitate understanding the value of considering the horse first, building relationships, and building connections. Additionally the program incorporates many of the Fernwood Cove values of caring, communication, teamwork, personal growth, trust, and leadership.

Fernwood Cove cares for and owns most of its horses – year round.  Not only will your daughter create a bond with “her horse” but she can look forward to reuniting and strengthening their bond each summer upon her return.

Safety at the barn for all participants is our our number one priority and by owning and understanding our horses intimately, we ensure a safe and fun learning environment.

Fernwood Cove Natural Horsemanship offers three separate program options- “One Week”, “Three Week”, or “Savvy Club”- providing a variety for campers to choose from. Space in the Natural Horsemanship Program is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Campers must be registered for the Natural Horsemanship Program prior to coming to camp.  Additional program fees associated with each specific offering are due upon enrollment. Campers must provide their own riding pants, flat soled boots, and riding helmet.

Fernwood Cove’s Natural Horsemanship Program is structured utilizing a custom skill level system that incorporates skills on the ground and on horseback. All campers, no matter their riding experience, begin the Natural Horsemanship Program at Level One. The Natural Horsemanship Program Instructors provide personalized instruction, allowing each camper to progress through the skill levels at her own pace. The skill level system encourages campers to work towards new goals, while also ensuring campers are appropriately challenged. Campers who return to the Natural Horsemanship Program, whether it’s week to week, or summer to summer, continue to progress within the skill level system, building upon past skills, knowledge and experiences.

The Fernwood Cove Natural Horsemanship Program instructors provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. Instructors have many years’ experience with horsemanship and receive extensive training specific to the Fernwood Cove Natural Horsemanship Program. Instructors work and play with horses daily to ensure their health and soundness. Each camper is paired with a horse that matches her personality with the horse’s “horsenality”. To find out more about Fernwood Cove’s founding principles in Natural Horsemanship please check out Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

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One Week Natural Horsemanship

The one-week option of the Natural Horsemanship Program allows campers to experience the program and spend time with horses, without having to make a three-week commitment. The one-week program provides campers with one Focus Week (approximately 5 hours) of instruction and is ideal for campers who are new to horses and/or riding. The program allows campers to develop confidence around horses, learn about horse psychology, and experience riding in the arena. The one-week program is primarily structured towards campers who are true beginners with little to no riding experience or who are new to Natural Horsemanship. Campers participating in the one-week program can expect a thorough introduction to Natural Horsemanship that includes both ground work and basic riding skills.

Three Week Natural Horsemanship

The three-week option of the Natural Horsemanship Program is designed for campers who are looking for a more in-depth horsemanship experience. Campers enrolled in the three-week program participate in the Natural Horsemanship Program as a regular Focus Activity during each regular activity day of camp (approximately 15 hours). The three-week program also focuses on developing confidence around horses and learning horse psychology. It also allows campers to further their skill development and knowledge as they work towards more advanced ground and riding skills.

Savvy Club

Savvy Club is a program for horse lovers!  This program provides campers with twice as much time, significantly increasing their opportunities for growth and development. The Savvy Club is open to campers of all ages and abilities, however it does require a significant commitment since campers will be participating in the program for approximately 30 hours throughout the camp session. This program is a double focus period, which is 2 consecutive hours during each regular activity day of camp. The additional time in the program allows campers to learn about horse care, equine health, and barn skills. The Savvy Club is a great opportunity for campers who are looking for an extensive, holistic experience in the Natural Horsemanship Program.

Fernwood Cove Farm Girls

The Fernwood Cove Farm Girls program provides campers the opportunity to experience a variety of aspects of farm life. Campers assist in completing the daily chores associated with the Fernwood Cove livestock and garden. Campers also learn about the products that can be made from livestock- whether it’s collecting eggs to be used in cooking, making butter or ice cream from fresh milk, or felting with sheep’s wool. Farm Girls offers campers with an opportunity to see a different aspect of the world while introducing them to the importance of agriculture.