Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Theater at Summer Camp


In Fernwood Cove’s Performing Arts program, campers of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment. Options include drama, guitar, singing, dance and gymnastics- each providing the opportunity to perform in our weekly Performance Night or end of camp performances. The Chickawah Theater provides the perfect backdrop for campers as they have their moment to shine in the spotlight.

Fernwood Cove counselors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them to the Performing Arts activities. Many counselors have a significant background in performing arts, with many being current students or recent graduates of performing arts or performing arts education programs. Our dance and gymnastics counselors have advanced level experience with competitive experience and nationally recognized training.


The Fernwood Cove Dance program offers dancers of all ages and abilities opportunities in traditional dance styles including ballet, tap, and jazz. Specialized options including Break Dancing, Latin and Swing are available as counselor experience allows. Dance activities are organized by style and age level, helping to insure appropriate level instruction and choreography for every camper who participates. Campers learn technique associated with the style of dance while learning a performance piece that will be showcased at the weekly Performance Night. Counselors tailor performance pieces to the needs and abilities of the campers, ensuring that all campers are proud of their performances each week.


Campers have the opportunity to develop stage-presence and self-confidence while participating in a variety of drama activities. Options range from Improv to musical theater, with options changing weekly. Campers looking for a more intensive experience can audition for our Theater Production. All campers are encouraged to share their acting skills and talents with the camp community during our weekly Performance Night or during end-of-session performances.

Vocal Theater

Singing is an integral aspect of every Fernwood Cove day, our Vocal Theater program helps campers of all abilities take their singing to the next level. Fernwood Cove’s vocal program is open to campers of all ages and helps campers learn the basics of vocal performance, including reading music, while preparing a performance piece for Performance Night. More advanced campers can choose to audition for singing groups, such as A’Capella, to prepare more detailed performance pieces.


Fernwood Cove’s Guitar program is perfect for any camper interested in the instrumental side of music. Campers of all ages and abilities can participate in guitar activities, working alongside other campers to prepare a performance piece for Performance Night. Song selections are skill level appropriate and instructors are able to individualize instruction to ensure all campers are able to learn and grow throughout the activity week. Advanced level players are often grouped together to allow for more advanced playing techniques and song choices. Collaborations between advanced Guitar and Vocal Theater focus groups provide the ultimate challenge for our advanced musicians.