Creative Arts

Creative Arts


The Fernwood Cove Creative Arts programs provide a welcoming atmosphere for all campers to build self-esteem and technical skills in a variety of artistic platforms. Campers are able to explore everything from our general arts & crafts, to more technical options like culinary arts, fabric arts, and painting. Each creative arts activity allows campers to complete a project within the focus week.

The creative arts counselors at Fernwood Cove have strong backgrounds in a variety of artistic and creative media. Many arts counselors are current students or graduates of university level art programs and specialize in their respective activity areas. Counselors develop the arts activities to encourage creativity while also developing skills related to the specific activity or project.

Culinary Arts

Campers are able to explore a variety of cooking skills and techniques while exploring different styles and aspects of cooking. Campers learn kitchen basics such as measuring, knife skills, and food safety while creating spectacular dishes and baked goods. More advanced concepts like yogurt making, soufflés, and cake decorating provide campers of all ages and abilities with continued opportunities for growth and development. Fernwood Cove culinary arts counselors have a strong background in cooking and often have specialized training in the culinary field, as well as safe food handling training.

Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts program at Fernwood Cove offers a variety of artistic options ranging from painting to screen printing to stained glass. Activity options vary depending in the skills and interests of the arts and crafts counselors, with new options being offered each week of the camp session. The Arts & Crafts program offers campers the opportunity to explore their creative side while learning a variety of skills and techniques. Arts & Crafts counselors have an extensive background in the creative arts, with most instructors having education in technical arts such as painting, drawing, and sculpting.

Fabric Arts

The Fernwood Cove Fabric Arts program provides campers with the opportunity to learn skills in hand and machine sewing that they can utilize for life. Projects include everything from pillowcases, a Fernwood Cove favorites, to pajama shorts, to stuffed animals- with each project providing campers with the opportunity to learn new skills. Campers are able to choose from a wide variety of fabrics and trims to allow them to create a truly one-of-a-kind project during the activity week.