More than an Experience

kids-rabbits Fernwood Cove is more than an experience. Your daughter will become the best version of herself during its half-season camp program. This summer camp, located in Maine, is a safe haven where the burdens of the ordinary world are left behind. Everlasting friendships and 21st Century Skills are developed in a safe, supportive, electronics-free outdoor setting. It’s an overnight summer camp like no other.

Two 3 ½ week sessions accommodate approximately 200 campers, provide high-quality, skill-based instruction in a variety of traditional outdoor activities.  Activities include popular waterfront and team sports, visual and performing arts programs, and outdoor adventure programs, and so much more.

With a strong focus on the values and philosophy of Fernwood Cove, campers develop life skills including communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving with the support of dedicated counselors, administrators, and staff.  Campers gain an appreciation of community, a respect of the outdoors, and a greater sense of self during their sleepaway camp adventure.

Fernwood Cove Mission

paintFernwood Cove, extraordinary summers for girls… encourage participation, exploration and personal growth through simple group living in the outdoors. Our half-season traditional program provides girls with a forum to experience new challenges, enhance self-confidence, develop skills, and establish enduring friendships in safe, beautiful surroundings. Each camper at Fernwood Cove brings something special to the camp atmosphere and cooperative spirit. Our unique gathering of girls and caring, professional staff creates a diverse and supportive community.