More than an Experience

kids-rabbitsWith a focus on age-appropriate skill development and personal growth, Fernwood Cove is more than an experience. It’s intentional program, welcoming community, and supportive network of staff combines to create a unique opportunity for campers ages 7-15 and teens ages 16-18. Fernwood Cove is more than summer camp, it’s more than an experience.

It’s preparing your daughter for her future. It’s helping your daughter become the best version of herself. The experiential structure of our camp provides girls with a multitude of opportunities to develop important  21st Century Skills. Communication and collaboration are at the center of each bunk family. Campers develop their critical thinking skills in activities like Ropes Course and Music. Campers express their creativity in a variety of arts activities as well as in special events.

Positive Youth Development is at the forefront of everything we do at Fernwood Cove. Girls become stronger leaders and active members of the community while also gaining a better sense of self. The skills learned at camp last well beyond childhood and adolescence.

Fernwood Cove gives today’s girls the skills they need to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Fernwood Cove Mission

paintFernwood Cove, extraordinary summers for girls… encourage participation, exploration and personal growth through simple group living in the outdoors. Our half-season traditional program provides girls with a forum to experience new challenges, enhance self-confidence, develop skills, and establish enduring friendships in safe, beautiful surroundings. Each camper at Fernwood Cove brings something special to the camp atmosphere and cooperative spirit. Our unique gathering of girls and caring, professional staff creates a diverse and supportive community.