Studio Arts

Studio Arts


The Fernwood Cove Studio Arts programs offer campers unique opportunities in a variety of technical arts that are difficult to find elsewhere. Each studio is equipped with a wide variety of tools and equipment allowing campers a multitude of learning opportunities. Each of the Studio Arts programs is structured to allow campers to complete a project within the activity week, with many projects offering a significant amount of creative input from the campers. Many campers choose to return for multiple weeks to create more than one project or to work on more advanced project options.

Each Studio Arts counselor has extensive training in the activity they instruct, with many having university or professional level training. Counselors directly supervise campers during the use of specialized equipment and tools and ensure the proper and safe handling of materials at all times. All specialized equipment is inspected for proper use daily to ensure the safety of everyone. The Fernwood Cove Studio Arts programs focus on safety and fun while encouraging each camper’s individual creative spirit to shine.


Ceramics is one of the most hands-on opportunities in camp, offering campers the opportunity to learn a multitude of skills and techniques while creating their own individual piece of pottery. Campers begin by learning the basic skills of hand building and sculpting. As they continue to develop skills they create more technical pieces and even have the opportunity to use the potting wheel. Campers learn about the full process of creating their pieces as they work from building, to glazing, to firing. All firing is completed by the Ceramics instructors who have a significant background in working with clay and using the kiln. Each camper who participates in Ceramics completes at least one project to take home with them at the end of camp.


The Fernwood Cove Jewelry studio is equipped with much of the same equipment that would be found in a professional jeweler’s studio. Campers in 6th – 9th grades are given the opportunity to participate in metal smithing, where they learn the basics of jewelry construction like soldering, stone setting, metal cutting and jewelry design. Metal Smithing projects include everything from rings to pendants to earrings. Younger campers are able to learn basic skills of beading and wire jewelry as they create bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Jewelry instructors have a strong background in jewelry design and metal work and participate in an on-site training prior to the start of the summer.


One of Fernwood Cove’s newest activities, Woodworking provides campers the opportunity to learn some of the most traditional skills. Campers of all ages can learn the basics of woodworking while using hand tools and power tools to create everything from boomerangs to clipboards to jewelry boxes. Campers learn about the importance of wood selection, measuring and safety while creating their pieces from scratch. Each camper designs and builds her own individual project to take home at the end of camp.

Digital Photography

The Fernwood Cove Photography program offers campers the opportunity to learn technical photography skills using our digital SLR cameras. Our recently revitalized program offers traditional photography in a manner that connects with today’s technology driven world. Campers not only learn about the technical aspects of the camera and photography, they are also given the opportunity to learn about digital picture and video editing. Counselors offer a variety of activities that range from scrap booking to digital media and even stop animation video. The creative opportunities are endless! Photography counselors have a strong background in photography and videography and the use of related equipment including cameras and digital editing software.