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It Begins With A Smile

Smiles are free, but they are worth a lot! The power of a smile is an amazing thing.  Studies have shown that smiling can lower stress levels, by releasing endorphins.  Smiling can also boost your immune […]

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Green and White Color War

Today has been yet another amazing day at the cove starting with a lovely sweet breakfast filled with muffins and pancakes to name a few. The day kicked off standing in the heat of the motherrrrrrrr of all scorchers […]

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Performance Night

THE BEST DAY OF FOCUSES! Wow, how fast has that rolled around!? The vibes in camp today were kicking, every body was SO positive and feeling very adventurous! I guess it helped that it was our […]

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Camp Life

Today was another gorgeous day. The girls came back from their trip day overnights and had lots of fun adventurous stories to tell about their trip. I have been hearing nothing but positive trip day experiences! […]

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