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Creating an inclusive and extraordinary world at summer camp where everyone feels valued and welcomed is at the forefront of Fernwood Cove's efforts.

An Inclusive and Extraordinary World

Fernwood Cove Values include Diversity and Community among other important values that guide our programs, policies, and practices.  In recent years we have become increasingly aware of the need to assess our policies and practices to […]

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Creating Community At Summer Camp

Recently we invited our incoming Senior Campers (Flamingos) back for their Senior Ski Weekend.  This whirlwind of a weekend is a mini version of camp within the beauty of the Maine winter.  Senior Ski Weekend is […]

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Foundation for an Extraordinary World: Summer Camp

Parenting in today’s world can feel quite daunting.  The challenges faced in today’s society have created a variety of long term impacts for today’s children, teens, and young adults.  This was true before the pandemic and […]

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Grateful for summers at camp

Grateful For Summers At Camp

November traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday season.  Gatherings, decorations, and events are sprinkled through celebrations in the final weeks of the year. Over the past twenty months we have all experienced change, including in […]

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