Junior Counselor

Junior Counselor


Junior Counselors gain extraordinary volunteer experience during the full-summer program.  Their focus will primarily be in giving back to the camp community through living in camper bunks, assisting in multiple Focus Activities each day, and leading a variety of other events throughout the summer.  Junior Counselors will also gain volunteer hours by working with nearby non-profit organizations.  Depending on school requirements, time spent assisting with camper bunks and leading activities and trip days can be utilized as service hours.   Junior Counselors can acquire up to 650 hours per summer!

If desired, being a Junior Counselor can be documented as an internship. The hands-on structure of the Junior Counselor program provides tremendous skill development.  Junior Counselors will gain skills that will benefit them both personally and professionally as they become young women.  Additionally, Junior Counselors have a high level of responsibility within the camp community as they lead activities and Trip Days, and work in camper bunks.  Depending on internship requirements, Junior Counselors can log over 600 hours of experience during the summer.

Daily Mentoring

Each Junior Counselor will participate in daily mentoring sessions guided by Fernwood Cove Directors and other members of the Summer Administration Team.  Reflection is a critical aspect of the experiential learning process.  Through daily mentoring Junior Counselors will reflect upon their personal goals, as well as their growth and progress.  Receiving feedback from multiple members of the Summer Administrative Team provides a holistic approach to the growth and development of each Junior Counselor.  This individualized approach ensures a personalized experience, helping to ensure each girl receives the support and guidance needed.

training & certification opportunities

Opportunities for additional training and certification are included in the Junior Counselor experience.  Junior Counselors will be able to build upon their belay training received as CITs and develop a belay log to document their belay experience.  Certification through American Red Cross programs like First Aid & CPR or Lifeguarding are offered.  Unique opportunities including U.S. Sailing Association Motorboating Safety and Tennis Coaching training through the US Professional Tennis Association.

Living in camper bunks

Junior Counselors will be assigned to a camper bunk family, living alongside the campers and bunk moms throughout the camp session.  This real-world experience fosters the development of important life skills while also instilling the importance of caring for others.  While helping campers in the daily aspects of life like clean-up and self-care, Junior Counselors will further develop skills related to responsibility like time management and organization.

assisting in focus activities & trips

Junior Counselors will be assigned to assist in a variety of activity areas each week.  They will assist campers as they learn new skills as they experience new activities, trip days, and overnights.  Working under the guidance and supervision of Fernwood Cove counselors, Junior Counselors will further strengthen their skills in communication, leadership, planning, and problem solving.  During the second half of the summer additional responsibilities related to activity and trip planning will provide in-depth experience in risk assessment, lesson development, and a greater understanding of gear use and storage.

apply to be a junior counselor

Interested in becoming a Junior Counselor?  CITs who have completed a full summer of the CIT Program are invited to apply today!  Contact Jim to set up your online account to complete your Junior Counselor application.  Applications are due by November 1 each year.  Interviews will be scheduled once individual applications are received.  Admission decisions will be announced no later than December 1.

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