Alumni Women’s Weekend

Alumni Women’s Weekend

The inaugural Fernwood Cove Alumni Women’s Weekend occurred August 24 – 26, 2018 on the shores of Island Pond.  Fernwood Cove Directors and staff welcomed alumni back to camp for an extraordinary weekend of reconnecting with camp friends and reliving summer camp mem

ories.  Past Fernwood Cove campers, CITs, staff and parents came together in true Fernwood Cove fashion, creating bonds across sessions, years and roles.

Reunion Activities

In true camp fashion, the Reunion Weekend was full of camp activities, Fernwood Cove traditions, and plenty of food.  Alumni enjoyed everything from Campfire to Tie Dye to Lazy Breakfast.  Friday dinner of pizza on the lawn – complete with The Pizza Song – helped alumni to quickly reconnect with camp traditions.  Reconnecting with the camp community and camp traditions continued throughout Campfire.  With Fernwood Cove directors, current staff, and alumni contributing to leading songs and stories it was quite evident that the Fernwood Cove spirit was alive and well.

Saturday was full of Focus Activities, with some Alumni participating in the activities for the first time.  Former campers relived their days on Island Pond- water skiing, kayaking and sailing.  Elements of the Ropes Course, including the Zip Line, challenged Alumni both physically and mentally.  And while not a camp activity, alumni thoroughly enjoyed Skeet Shooting with Owner/Director Jim!  Each person truly experienced their own adventure throughout the day.

Reconnecting through Reflection

Following Sunday morning’s Lazy Breakfast, alumni gathered in the Chick for one of Fernwood Cove’s most meaningful traditions, Services.  Alumni and Directors reminisced on their past days at summer camp, the impact Fernwood Cove had on their lives, and the fortunate opportunity to reconnect with each other throughout the weekend.  The words spoken brought tears of happiness and gratitude.  Alumni had a shared appreciation of the opportunity to return to camp and reconnect with the magic they had experienced over the years.

Reuniting in the Future

Alumni are encouraged to stay update their contact information and subscribe to the Fernwood Cove Alumni Newsletter.  The Alumni Facebook Group connects Fernwood Cove alumni around the world and is a primary means of communication for Fernwood Cove events away from camp.

At the completion of the weekend each attendee returned home with a renewed camp spirit and an enormous desire to return to Maine again soon.  While there is no official alumni reunion planned at this time, the success of this inaugural weekend ensures a second event in the future.   Please stay connected with the Fernwood Cove community so that you can too return to the Extraordinary World and experience the magic of summer camp.

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