Simple Living For Happier HolidaysPosted by on December 17, 2017

The holidays are a time filled with traditions that bring us together with our friends and family.  These traditions of mealtimes, sharing of gifts, songs, and reconnecting are quite similar to those of summer camp.  One Fernwood Cove tradition that can often left out of our holiday celebrations is the tradition of Simple Living.  Our focus often turns to the giving of material gifts, meals with piles of leftovers, and a connection to our screens- both on the walls and in our hands.  Often adults, and even teens, are stressed by overly full schedules, appearances at social gatherings, and the feeling of needing to impress.  It all deters greatly from the spirit of the holidays.  Maybe we should refocus on simple living for happier holidays.

Simple Living, Extraordinary Connections

During camp our Director, Jim, often talks with campers during assembly each morning.  His topics of discussion are often include some silliness and some wise words.  No matter the approach, he always connects back to the values and philosophy of Fernwood Cove.  One of the values that Directors Jim & Beigette value most is Simple Living.  They feel that by removing all of the distractions of everyday life you’re able to better understand yourself and others.

Ultimately, there’s nothing truer about camp.  Initially we remove things like electronics, trendy clothes, social media, and societal pressures when we focus on simple living.  By doing this we are able to see our true selves at camp, sometimes for the first time.  Then we begin to explore new activities and challenge ourselves in new ways.  As a result we gain confidence in who we truly are.  And as we discover who we truly are we begin to develop meaningful relationships with the people around us.  In the end, our deeper understanding of simple living extraordinary connections form.

No Technology In Simple Living

As we move into the final weeks of the year it would likely benefit us to reconnect with the values of camp.  Reconnect with our true selves, and reconnect with those friends and family whom we value most.  At camp Jim talks about the importance of removing electronics in order to truly connect with others.  Obviously, this doesn’t mean there’s no technology in simple living.  As today’s technology can often connect us with loved ones who are far away.  In contrast it can often limit our connections with friends and family in the same room.  It is important that we return to a place of simple living for happier holidays.  For more memorable holidays.

As we attend our parties and family dinners it is important to remember to disconnect from technology so we can connect with the people.  For these people are those who we are closest with.  Those who support us the most.  By refocusing on the things that we value most and remembering the values from summer camp we are able to truly connect with ourselves as well.  These deeper connections also bring us closer with the meaning of the holiday season.

Reconnecting with the Values of Camp

In this holiday spirit everyone at Fernwood Cove wishes everyone the happiest of holidays.  It is the relationships developed at camp that help to create the extraordinary world that we know it to be.  And we hope that by reconnecting with the values of camp our camp family will be able to enjoy extraordinary holidays with their friends and family around the world.

Additionally, we look forward to an amazing year ahead.  Specifically, a year strengthened by reconnecting with the values of camp.

All the best from the Fernwood Cove team.