Author: Beigette Gill

Summer Evenings at Fernwood Cove

Forever Grateful to the Fernwood Cove Community

It is during this time of the year, I like to take time and reflect on all things I am grateful for.  I hope you too will find the time to do the same. Gift of […]

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Learning and Growing from our Adaptable Children

Studying and learning about youth development is one of my favorite things as both a summer camp director and a parent. I enjoy reading books on youth development, parenting and speaking with other camp professionals and […]

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Diversity at Summer Camp

Each summer Jim, Caroline, Alicia and I choose a Fernwood Cove Camp Value to focus on for the summer. This summer we have chosen DIVERSITY.  Our green and white wooden Diversity sign will be placed on […]

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Fernwood Cove Services

Traditions at Fernwood Cove – Services

Fernwood Cove has many traditions and one of the most meaningful to me is our non-denominational Services. At the end of each week the camp community gathers together in the Chickawah Theater.  We face the fireplace […]

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