Passionate about Summer CampPosted by on July 07, 2019

One of the best parts of each day, personally, is hearing reflections from different counselors. They’re all so unique, and with that comes a new perspective. However different, each is just as passionate about Summer Camp and what they teach as the others. This is why I think the campers have such an amazing experience here. Our activities are nothing without these great counselors. 

Instructors make the summer extraordinary, not the activities themselves. Seeing the connection grow between camper and counselor makes it hard to see the session coming to an end. It’s this last week that we really appreciate every moment together and give the girls one last blast of extraordinary memories! 

Passionate about Summer Camp

Tonight, we hear a bit from Emma, a beloved 2nd-year wakeboard/waterski counselor from the Netherlands! This year, she’s had the absolute best time as a 6th-grade bunk mom for Cardinal. When asked how her day went, she had this to say: 

“This morning I was teaching at Island Pond Road for the girls for 2nd through 5th/6th grade. During the afternoon we wanted to take the girls out on the boats at Norway, but we had an unexpected wanger banger (aka thunderstorm), so we had to go back to camp, unfortunately. Back at camp we played some games and sang songs in the chick. So even though we didn’t get out to the lake, we still made the most of our time and had a blast!

For dinner, we had one of my favorite meals, meatball subs! One of the best things about being in the states is by far the food. There are so many different things to try, and I’m excited to share these recipes with my family and friends. 

It’s Saturday, so of course, EP was a campfire. It’s always a nice treat getting out of uniform and wearing regular clothes. Everyone gets so into the songs we sing, which is awesome because when you don’t care how you look or sound, that’s when you have the most fun. I love it.” 

I love it too. It sure makes writing these blogs easy! Even when the girls come across challenges, whether that’s making it to the top of the climbing wall, or missing their family, they know they’re going to be more than okay and always think of this place as a home. 

Signing off, till next time!