Summer Plans Aren’t Scary – Go to Camp!Posted by on November 01, 2019

Temperatures are cooling off.  There are pumpkins are everywhere.  And a festive energy is growing among us.  Fall is certainly here and the months of summer seem quite far away.  However, it’s never too early to begin making plans for next summer.  It is understandable that parents may already be thinking about summer camp opportunities for their children.  Now is also the time for young adults to begin researching working at summer camp as a summer job opportunity.  Many camps across the country have begun hiring for their camp counselors.  They are seeking highly qualified young adults who are interested in youth development and areas like education and coaching.  While there can be a lot to consider, summer plans aren’t scary.  This is especially true when your summer plans include a job that provides significant personal and professional growth and enjoyment.

When thinking about working as a summer camp counselor there are many things to consider.  Basics such as location, dates of employment, and what you could possibly teach while at camp are some of the easier things to determine.  Undoubtedly there will be personal growth no matter the location or length of the camp season.  However, there are greater growth opportunities when you dig a little deeper.  Determining your personal and professional goals can help you find a summer camp that will provide a more meaningful summer experience.  Additionally, understanding the varied opportunities that summer camps provide will help ensure your summer as a camp counselor is the best it can possibly be.

Including Maine in Your Summer Plans

Camp location is a key component to summer camp plans.  However, the commute to camp is not the only thing to consider when determining your ideal summer camp location.  A camp’s location can influence everything from the daily weather throughout the summer to the activities offered at camp.  Additionally, it can impact the overall culture of the camp community.  Settled in southwestern Maine, Fernwood Cove is perfectly located to access many of the best things that New England has to offer.  Including Maine in your summer plans could be one of the best decisions when deciding where you’d like to work at camp.

Fernwood Cove is one of the youngest summer camps in Maine.  However, it is steeped in the longstanding traditions that New England summer camps have been known for since the early 1900’s.  Many generations of campers have traveled to Maine to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and the Atlantic coast.  Ideally located in the lakes region of Maine, these outdoor opportunities are a traditional aspect of the Fernwood Cove experience.  There are few other places where a Trip Day can take you hiking in the White Mountains or paddling along the Atlantic coastline.  And the refreshing Maine evenings are perfect to sit by the campfire during overnight camping trips!

Connecting with Summer Camp Values

While location is important, it is not the only thing to consider.  The type of summer camp is also important.  But it’s not just about boys’ versus girls’ versus co-ed camps.  Or traditional camp or sports camp.  And it’s not always just about Day Camp versus Overnight Camp.  Those are the surface level things in the types of summer camps throughout the country.  However, once you dig a little deeper you’ll soon learn there are a variety of summer camp opportunities and programs based on the underlying values and philosophy of the camp.  It is important to consider these foundation ideals when considering a summer camp.  Connecting with summer camp values on a personal level will allow you to have a much more meaningful experience.  It will likely also impact your level of connection with your campers and the overall camp community.

Fernwood Cove’s values drive all aspects of the summer camp program.  Our values of Simple Living and Respect of the Outdoors impact many of our daily practices.  The values of Diversity, Friendship, and Community guide us to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive global community.  The values of Personal Growth and Responsibility help us to empower today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders.  Fernwood Cove counselors not only learn about the values of camp; they learn how to embody these values in their daily lives.  Through daily practice and hands-on experience Fernwood Cove counselors guide our campers to do the same.  And at the end of the camp season campers and staff depart camp the best version of themselves.  The values of a summer camp are the roots upon which the camp community grows.  Choosing a camp that connect with your personal values will help ensure your growth as well.

Summer Plans for Learning

Just like summer camps themselves, summer camp counselor jobs can vary greatly.  However, no matter what the job entails being a camp counselor is an ideal opportunity for personal growth.  Fernwood Cove counselors are both activity specialists as well as bunk counselors.  In this holistic approach Fernwood Cove counselors experience all that camp has to offer.  Fernwood Cove counselors guide and instruct campers through a variety of activities, programs, and events throughout the camp session.  This increases the opportunity to develop valuable skills like leadership, organization and time management.  When deciding to include camp in your summer plans you’re also making summer plans for learning.

Your learning isn’t limited to the work that you do with campers.  In addition to the hands-on experience you’ll gain and the skills you’ll develop you will also have other learning opportunities.  Many summer camps provide additional specialized training and certification opportunities.  At Fernwood Cove we pride ourselves in the additional training opportunities our counselors receive.  Additionally, Fernwood Cove counselors and staff gain amazing skills in communication, relationship development, work ethic and global awareness while working in our diverse professional community.  Being a camp counselor is most certainly a real job and at Fernwood Cove we hold all of our staff to the highest professional standards.  Through on-going training and with consistent support counselors gain a strong understanding for true responsibility and professionalism.  You can be confident that you’ll leave summer camp more prepared for the professional world no matter what that world may include for you.

Now Is the Time for Summer Plans

It’s the midway point for most college and university fall semesters.  Many college students are focused on getting to winter break.  And summer seems so. far. away.  However, those weeks and months will soon pass by and you could be left with no solid summer plans.  And that is when summer plans are scary.  Now is the time for summer plans.  Now is also the time to decide whether or not you want to apply to work at camp!  Each day that passes is potentially a lost opportunity.

If your summer plans need to include personal and professional growth summer camp is likely a great option for you.  If your summer plans need to include an internship summer camp is also a great option for you.  And working at summer camp is definitely for you if you want your summer plans to ensure a memorable and enjoyable summer!  Fernwood Cove is actively hiring and applications are accepted on a rolling basis until positions are filled.  Take sometime to find out more about our programs and camp counselor opportunities.  And when you’d decided that summer camp is a great option for you apply!  As our Owner/Director Jim often says, “No one ever regretted going to summer camp!”  Don’t be the person who regrets not taking the opportunity to learn and grow through the adventures of camp.