Counselor CabaretPosted by on August 08, 2016

As reveille rang on this peaceful morning, the girls got themselves ready for another fun-filled day of activities. It was lovely to see everyone bright- eyed and bushy tailed, ready for breakfast. The campers were particularly excited today as it was Liza’s Birthday! We started the day by singing Happy Birthday before heading on up into the feeder where there was a tray of golden croissants and breakfast sandwiches waiting to be devoured. After breakfast and assembly, it was time for bunk clean-up where all the girls are still giving their best efforts to get the neatness banner and neatness moose.

It was great to see the enthusiasm from the campers when they arrived at their first focus. I teach sports fitness and the girls had a great workout today. The aim of the focuses today was to work towards building greater body strength and physical fitness through the use of circuit training. The circuits today targeted the legs, arms and abdominal muscles. The girls always tell me how great they feel after having a workout, especially if they see an improvement in themselves.

It was another lovely sunny day at the Cove and the campers were all excited as tonight’s dinner was a Fernwood Cove favourite… Gourmet Sandwich Sunday! The girls can create their own sandwiches and the combinations of meats and cheeses are endless. Following the meal tonight was a very special occasion as the evening program was Counselor Cabaret. The counselors have worked hard for the past 3 weeks putting together dance routines and musical collaborations to entertain the girls. It was outstanding! The girls absolutely loved it as did the counselors. The gleaming faces and standing ovations brought everyone together as one and it showed that the community and love at Fernwood Cove is unbreakable and to be a part of it is truly breathtaking.

Written by 6th Grade Bunk Aunt and Fitness Counselor, Jenny.