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Camp Encourages Personal Growth through a variety of activities each summer.

Camp Encourages Personal Growth for Life

During any other year we would be sending information about Focus Activities, our instructional activities, to camp families. The timeline for 2020 hasn’t been anything like any other year. This certainly includes the plans for our […]

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Fernwood Cove Values Simple Living

One of the founding values at Fernwood Cove is Simple Living.   As shown in last week’s blog,  Simple Living guides things like not having electricity in our bunks and not allowing the use of electronic […]

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hours of experience as a teen leader creates extraordinary leaders

Hours of Experience Gained As A Teen Leader

Since 2007 Fernwood Cove has offered a leadership development program for teenage girls who are too old to be campers.  Initially developed as a three-summer program, the program has evolved throughout its short life into a […]

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Bunk aunts are dedicated to their campers and the camp community.

Bunk Aunts Provide Love and Support

Everyone has, or at least knows the cliché of having, a fun and crazy Aunt. An Aunt cannot be there for every intimate moment as compared to a mom. Yet she is someone her family can […]

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