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campfire, spirit of campfire

Spirit of Campfire

Once a week, campers, CITs, and counselors gather around the campfire to reflect on, and appreciate, the week that has passed. It is an opportunity for all to share their continued mutual love and pride for […]

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New Year, New Opportunities for Personal Growth

As we gear up for the coming year, many of us consider new goals and new growth to help us in future achievements.  This is the perfect time to take a fresh look at where we’d like […]

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Green and White Color War

Today has been yet another amazing day at the cove starting with a lovely sweet breakfast filled with muffins and pancakes to name a few. The day kicked off standing in the heat of the motherrrrrrrr of all scorchers […]

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Performance Night

THE BEST DAY OF FOCUSES! Wow, how fast has that rolled around!? The vibes in camp today were kicking, every body was SO positive and feeling very adventurous! I guess it helped that it was our […]

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