Performance NightPosted by on August 12, 2016


Wow, how fast has that rolled around!? The vibes in camp today were kicking, every body was SO positive and feeling very adventurous! I guess it helped that it was our hottest day of the session so far, and I’m pretty sure we hit triple digits at one point! So as I’m, sure you can imagine, down at the waterfront, all of the campers could not wait to get in the water! The day went on as it started and just continued to get better and better! Lunch was beautiful and you could hear us singing Mel (head of transportation(HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL)) the birthday song from the next town across, I’m sure of it! We must have gone through gallons and gallons of Gatorade, because the energy levels were just on the rise ALL day!

By the time dinner rolled around, I thought to myself “surely this day cant get any better” but hold on.. this is Fernwood Cove, so of course it can, AND IT WILL! Next stop- PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA, EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT, PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA, FERNWOOD COVE DELIGHT! What a beautiful meal to end a beautiful day!

OH WAIT.. THERE’S MORE? Surely not? YES! PERFORMANCE NIGHT! The final performance night is always so beautiful, all of the children coming together to perform what they have been working so hard on all week, from rock band to gymnastics, the crowd is always pleased! To finish off the show, the beautiful flamingos performed their final dance and all of camp came together in a beautiful embrace of pink, green, maroon, blue & white.

What a beautiful day to be alive, and how amazing that I have had the opportunity to share it all with you! I hope everyone out there’s summer is going as well as it is here!

Good night readers, safely rest,

Fernwood Cove.

Written by 9th Grade Bunk Mom and Waterfront Counselor, Rosie.