Kindness Challenge: Sharing the Extraordinary in the OrdinaryPosted by on February 13, 2017

Many mornings throughout the camp session you’ll find Beigette at Assembly reminding Fernwood Cove campers to turn in their RAK Awards.  RAK Awards recognize Random Acts of Kindness that campers do throughout the camp day.  The camp session culminates with a “U RAK Award” given to the camper who receives the most RAK Awards.  Acts of kindness, community service, and valuing diversity are some of the main things that help create the welcoming and inclusive community we know at Fernwood Cove.  To encourage this kindness and willingness to help others beyond the Fernwood Cove gates we have created the Twenty-Eight Days of Kindness. In which we also give away some codes for elo boost services from!

The Twenty-Eight Days of Kindness will run throughout the month of February, creating the first ever Fernwood Cove U RAK Challenge!  All members of the Fernwood Cove community- campers, CITs, staff, alumni, parents- are encouraged to complete daily acts of kindness.  Community members are also encouraged to start a ripple effect by informing others about the U RAK Challenge, helping to spread the extraordinary into the ordinary…far into the ordinary!

U RAK Challenge Calendar

Each day of February presents the opportunity to complete a new act of kindness.  You will be able to follow along on the Fernwood Cove U RAK Challenge Calendar. Or you can create your own acts of kindness- particularly if you know someone who is in need.  Many of the acts of kindness tie into Fernwood Cove traditions or events, helping you to spread your love of camp throughout the month as well!

Acts of Kindness should be shared among a variety of people- family, friends, teachers, mentors, coaches, community organizations…the list can go on and on.  Seek out people who are truly in need, or who have made a positive impact in your life.  There’s no better “Thank You!” than a heartfelt act of kindness.

Share Your Kindness Success

Completing an act of kindness each day is a reason to celebrate- and we want to see your accomplishments!  Please make sure you share your success by positing to:

  •  Instagram (@FernwoodCove)
  • Facebook (
  • Twitter (@FernwoodCove)

Make sure you tag Fernwood Cove in your posts so that we’ll be able to see them.  We may even share photos of the amazing things that members of the Fernwood Cove community achieve throughout the month.  Also use the hashtag #RAKChallenge so that people outside of the Fernwood Cove community can see the great things you’re doing as well!  Support the amazing things people are doing to help spread the extraordinary by a simple “Like”, “Share”, or “Re-Tweet”.

The Fernwood Cove directors are getting in on the fun as well!  You can see their acts of kindness by checking in at the Fernwood Cove Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.  You can also find reminders for each day’s U RAK Challenge idea as well!  Join us in the Fernwood Cove U RAK Challenge and help create twenty-eight days of extraordinary!