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Continuing Camp Friendships at Home

For over a century summer camp has remained one of the most unique childhood opportunities.  There are few other places where children are given the opportunity to live independently, explore new activities, and connect with new […]

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Camp Memories Last a Lifetime

Summer Camp Memories Last A Lifetime

Each summer thousands of children across the United States and around the world attend summer camp.  The American Camp Association estimates over 14 million children and adults attend camp each summer.  Every year four hundred of […]

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Digital detox at overnight camp create true connections.

Digital Detox At Overnight Summer Camp

Fernwood Cove offers a variety of benefits through its overnight summer camp programs.  Well-known benefits include the development of important life skills like independence.  Skill development in an array of activities and lifelong friendships make a […]

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Summer Camp Homesickness 101: Tips for Parents

Written by Fernwood Cove Parent Frances Phillips. There’s no denying, homesickness is upsetting. By definition, episodes of sadness can be difficult for campers.  They can be distressing for parents as well.  This is especially true when […]

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