The Extraordinary Way To Finish A DayPosted by on June 29, 2017

There are a few times when the camp community is truly gathered all together. Activities and bunk time separate camp into smaller groups where campers can achieve their goals and grow closer bonds. Evening programs, the extraordinary way to finish a day, are often an opportunity for mixing age groups and developing new friendships.

Weekly Evening Programs

Whether we are engaged in a weekly Campfire or running to find their hidden counselors in Counselor Hunt, we are never short of extraordinary programs. With the fire aglow at Campfire, campers, CITs, and staff are all united by the magic of Witchcraft.  We are welcomed home again. Sillier programs push our campers and counselors outside of their comfort zones. In Newspaper Fashion Show, campers designed their very own Fernwood Cove super hero, complete with origin story, who embodied the Fernwood Cove values.

One weekly evening program stands out among the rest. Each summer we focus more closely on a different value at camp. This summer we are choosing to focus on Personal Growth. Performance night exemplifies personal growth. Whether you are overcoming stage fright, trying an activity for the first time, or improving your skills, each camper takes something away from performance night. But it’s not just those campers who physically participate. Being in the audience at Fernwood Cove means cheering for friends and fellow bunk makes until you lose your voice. And so very proud of all they have accomplished.

Extraordinary Activities

Fernwood Cove is more than a summer camp and more than a one summer experience. Fernwood Cove builds lifelong skills and extraordinary friendships through many facets.  Evening Programs are an exciting way for campers to bond over a fun activity.  Leaving our community happy and excited for what the following day might bring.