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Counselor Cabaret

Counselor Cabaret at Summer Camp

Hey Fernwood Cove! Please check out our latest vlog on social media to get an update on this evenings EP,  Counselor Cabaret here at Summer Camp! “My name is Brittany Pitts, and I’m from Adelaide, Australia! […]

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climbing, counselors and campfire

Climbing, Campfire and Counselors.

Hey Fernwood Cove! Yesterday was another amazing day; please take a view of our latest vlog on either Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook for a more in-depth update! However, last night one of our counselors was kind […]

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An Extraordinary Day at Summer Camp

As we get immersed in the session, time flies! We’re all having the time of our lives! Last night our office OD gave us a nice reflection of an Extraordinary Day at Summer Camp :  “Good […]

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Theater at Summer Camp

Theater in Summer Camp

Good evening Fernwood Cove! My name is Caroline Naughton, and I’m from Ireland! At Summer Camp, I teach Theater. This year I’m delighted to be a bunk mom for Goldfinch – 6th Grade. Today has been […]

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