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Overnight camping trips provide opportunities for team building.

Overnight Camping Trips: Friendship, Fun, and so much S’more

One week into camp the 7th graders set off on their overnight camping trip to Ferry Beach State Park.  This is a great chance for the age group to bond before planning 7th grade Services and Carnival. […]

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Trust and teamwork is gained through rock climbing.

Trust and Teamwork on the Cliffs of Acadia

One of Fernwood Cove’s most anticipated Trip Day is the 8th grade overnight to Acadia National Park.  Campers look forward to this trip for years as it is far away from camp and they get to […]

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Camp sports foster skill development.

Camp Sports Foster Skill Development Through Inter-Camp Events

Fernwood Cove is an inclusive microcosm that allows girls to grow and develop new skills without fear of judgement. This atmosphere provides a unique experience in all camp activities.  The experience in sports activities at camp is […]

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CITs impact the camp community.

CITs Impact Camp As They Grow As Leaders

The CIT (Counselor in Training) Program at Fernwood Cove is a unique opportunity for former campers to be engaged in the camp community.  In this new role they participate in camp in a way that they […]

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