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Empowering girls at camp isn't something new.

Empowering Girls Isn’t A New Idea

In a few short weeks we will begin Fernwood Cove’s twentieth summer.  We continue to plan for this summer and the many summers to come.  However as we look towards the future it’s important that we […]

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The power of camp lives in you

Power of Camp: Impact For A Lifetime

When I first arrived to Fernwood Cove in 2002 I understood the power of camp.  As a young twenty-something I was the product of summer camp.  I still feel that I am who I am today […]

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Updates to photography are part of what's new at camp this year

What’s New In the Extraordinary World

The winter has come fast and furious at camp, but we know summer is just around the corner.  The blanket of snow covering camp provides a picturesque view while we continue to plan for the coming […]

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Fernwood Cove Camper playing in the fall leaves

Feeling Thankful For Summer Camp

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors and pumpkin flavors are in all your favorite foods and beverages. Most importantly, this time of year is time spent with family and often in […]

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