Lazy Breakfast and Senior SurprisePosted by on July 01, 2017


Campers and counselors enjoyed the first lazy morning and special event day of the summer. Friday’s schedule differs from the schedule on regular activity days.  These days include time with ones’ bunk in the morning.  And time with the whole camp community throughout the afternoon.  Additionally different age groups gain leadership skills by planning and organizing different parts of the day. This week’s special event was Senior Surprise!

Lazy Breakfast

First, campers, CITs, and counselors enjoy the opportunity to sleep in.  Lazy Breakfast occurs from 8:30 – 9:30 in the Feeder and provides a relaxed start to the morning.   Everyone comes to breakfast wearing their pajamas, many people wearing onesies.  And this year’s selection of pj’s and onesies definitely didn’t disappoint.  Campers proudly walked into the Feeder wearing different animals, characters and even personalized fuzzy pajamas.  Campers, CITs, and staff enjoyed a relaxed meal with an assortment of eggs, bagels, and the cereal bar.  And of course, a few sweet treats!


Services allow the camp community to reflect on the magic of camp through the campers’ perspective.  Fernwood Cove’s oldest campers organize this weekly program.  Each age group determines their Services theme and prepares speeches, poems, and songs to communicate their Services message.  This week, the 7th graders shared their first impressions of camp and how those impressions have changed through their time at Fernwood Cove.  Campers shared traditions, stories of personal growth and songs.  In Fernwood Cove TraditionServices concluded with the singing of the Fernwood Cove Alma Mater. 

Senior Surprise

Fernwood Cove girls who have just completed 9th grade are our Seniors and live in Flamingo bunk.  As leaders in camp they have the privilege of organizing Senior Surprise.  The Flamingos worked together to determine the theme and plan an afternoon of fun activities for the camp community .  This session’s Senior Surprise theme was “The Incredibles”.  And it was INCREDIBLE!  Campers moved through different stations led by the seniors and assisted by counselors and CITs.  This year’s incredible stations included:

  • Mask Making
  • Marco Polo
  • Cake Decorating
  • Tug of War
  • Face Painting
  • Slime Stretching

Special Event Days highlight the personal growth and traditions of camp. Counselors, CITs and campers look forward to the change in daily schedule, sleeping in, and spending time together.  Older campers enjoy the responsibility of planning and implementing their activities.  And younger campers love the surprise of what has been planned for them.  As a result everyone in camp ends their day having had an incredible experience!