Building Independence Through GymnasticsPosted by on July 10, 2017

Fernwood Cove is dedicated to the development of independence and intrinsic motivation.  Fernwood Cove counselors empower campers to create personal goals in each of their activities. Campers are empowered to work to achieve their goals throughout the activity week.  

Self Motivation in Gymnastics

Gymnastics has utilized personal goals within all aspects of the program.  The gymnastics counselors provide the expertise and safety necessary to succeed. At the beginning of each week everyone sets goals to achieve. The goals set are SMART goals:

  • Specific
  • Manageable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Campers work in small groups with similar skill sets to promote teamwork and support. The campers encourage each other while remaining focused on their personal goals. Campers gain independence as they decide their activities.  Additionally, Fernwood Cove girls develop independence as they take ownership of their personal skill development.  Campers develop a desire to succeed.  Self-created goals promote accountability resulting in greater levels of success. The gymnasts grow through their own hard work. And each goal achieved promotes self-confidence.

Independence in Gymnastics

Independence is key to the development of a gymnast’s skills. Counselors are always facilitating, spotting and instructing the girls.  However improvement requires the repetition of skills and a camper’s desire to grow. Independence is also incorporated in stretching, which is a safe way to lend the girls an air of power over their workout. They know that proper stretching is vital to the practice of gymnastics, and having this accountability consistently results in a more thorough warmup. This is particularly true of the girl in charge of leading the stretch for the day, as she feels a responsibility to her fellow gymnasts. Personal growth is a product of a level of independence and self-choice that is oftentimes not available in other gymnastics settings.

Gymnasts feel powerful and capable as they make choices allowing them to flourish in gym. Counselors are there to facilitate this personal development. Additionally they help campers overcome immense obstacles each day- both mental and physical. Fernwood Cove is a place where campers become more self-assured and confident, surmounting obstacles and becoming extraordinary.