The Importance Of Simple LivingPosted by on July 11, 2017

Technology has made everyday tasks simple to achieve. Digital culture is achieved by a touch of a button and social interactions are at your fingertips. The everyday tasks of the ordinary world completed with technology creates the illusion of simple living. Fernwood Cove introduces campers to a different perspective on this.

Simple living is no longer perceived by how easily a task can be completed. Campers learn how to interact with others by being themselves and talking about experiences, not what is on a screen. The escape from technology and electricity immerses campers into the extraordinary world of Fernwood Cove.

Bunk Life

The bunk life is an environment the campers wake up to every morning and fall asleep to every night. Bunks do not have electricity which allows campers to form true friendships. Campers interact with each other through sharing stories, playing games and helping each other with tasks.  The warmth and comfort of bunk life creates the perfect atmosphere to form true friendships and strong relationships. Each evening bunk families eat dinner together outside, this allows the family to recap their day without distractions.

Activity Area

The escape from technology means campers are free from distraction.  This allows them to fully focus on their activities and adventures. The natural environment that surrounds each activity emphasizes simple living and respect for the outdoors. Activities can be found throughout the camp and compliment the scenery around them. Fernwood Cove counselors pride themselves on utilizing the camp grounds to create experiences for campers to remember. 

Simple Living is how we make the biggest attraction at carnival out of a piece of plastic and some water sprinklers. Many campers fondest memory is laying on the grass at night looking at the stars with their bunk family. The loons, frogs and many other extraordinary Maine sounds lull us to sleepThese are some of the simple things that make Fernwood Cove so special. It is these simple things that bond the camp community. Most importantly it is these simple things that we want the campers to cherish about Fernwood Cove.