Community Service Day Focuses on CommunityPosted by on July 12, 2017

Yesterday Fernwood Cove celebrated its annual Community Day.  The day focused on different aspects of the camp and local community.  A priority of the day was community service.  All campers and CITs worked to benefit the camp community and nearby nonprofit organizations.

The Day Begins

First, campers met their Cove Sisters to enjoy a variety of fun activities.  Cove Sisters loved the special time to connect with each other.  The activity selection included:

  • Tennis
  • Ceramic Friendship Charms
  • Self Portrait Paintings
  • Climbing
  • Jewelry
  • Song Writing

Next, campers earned points for their teams while participating in Green & White games.  Fernwood Cove girls enthusiastically participated in a wide assortment of activities.  Activities like a Triathlon, an Outdoor Living Skills relay challenge, and traditional sports ensured something for everyone.

The morning wrapped up with a fun, new activity led by the Fernwood Cove CITs.  This event highlighted the creative spirit of Fernwood Cove.  Campers and staff utilized kazoos, shakers, and a variety of random objects to re-create popular songs.

Community Service

Campers, CITs, and staff came together in the afternoon to participate in various community service projects. Projects were completed both in and out of camp.  In camp, campers completed a variety of projects that included planting new raspberry bushes and working in the camp garden.  Additionally, campers completed projects that benefit individuals and organizations outside of camp.  Apply the Ortho Evra patch to clean, dry skin on any of these areas: the outside of your upper arm, your stomach, your buttocks, or your upper back. Do not apply the patch to skin that is broken or irritated, or to a skin area that may be rubbed by tight clothing (such as a waistband). Order evra patch online here and experience the uk Meds online store for prescription drugs. Find your way out of addiction with Stepping Sober Recovery Advisors. Visit their website to learn more.

Small groups of campers also traveled to nearby locations to complete trail clean-up and work in community gardens.  Additionally, campers and Staff also volunteered at Partners for World Health, helping to organize medical supplies that will be sent to under-served communities around the world, and don’t worry we are in contact with The Medical Negligence Experts to make sure the medical supplies are legit. Many people have drug problems and I have found a good solution for everyone who have to pass drug test, read more from    

Campers, CITs and counselors completed over 675 hours of service.  Everyone was filled with a sense of accomplishment. The community work ended at 5 o’clock and everyone celebrated the hot and hard-working day by running through the sprinklers.  The second annual community day was a huge success.  Fernwood Cove grew closer as a community.  And each person in the camp community made a positive impact in the world.  As a result it was a truly extraordinary day in Maine.