Respect For The Outdoors During ActivitiesPosted by on July 13, 2017

Part of the magic of Fernwood Cove is the beauty that surrounds us each day.  Outdoor opportunities are scattered throughout each camp day.  Bunks are nestled among the trees.  And taking a pause for a “nature appreciation moment” is commonplace.  The spirit of camp is alive in every tree and flower.  As a result, campers, CITs, and staff are constantly building their respect for the outdoors.

Respect for the Outdoors During Activities

This week’s Evening Programs included Age Group Activities, “Stoopin’ It” and Campfire.  With each one providing the camp community with plenty of outdoor opportunities.  Age Group Activities encourage teamwork and fun while enjoying various outdoor spaces throughout camp. “Stoopin’ It” is Fernwood Cove’s version of a community block party.  Staff lead various lawn games and sports scattered throughout camp.  And campers are free to choose their own activities to enjoy with their friends.

Campfire, set within the trees near the waterfront, celebrates community and the spirit of nature. The branches rustle in the breeze while campers, CITs, and counselors share in songs and stories.  And the spirit of camp creates stronger connections within the community.  Additionally, being nestled in the trees strengthens our connections with nature.  Finally, we reflect on the camp day while the sun slowly sets over the mountains.

Appreciate The Extraordinary World

Similarly simple living helps us appreciate the extraordinary world around us. For example we hear the wind a little better.  We notice the chipmunks scurrying up the trees.  And we breathe in the fresh air a little deeper. From our bunks we can see the sun rising and setting every day.  Natural light fills each space in camp, creating a warmth that is hard to find in the outside world.

Respect for the outdoors is one of the integral values of Fernwood Cove. We must thank mother nature for what she gifts to us each day. Our natural surroundings provide us with a multitude of opportunities each day.  Water skiing on the lake, hiking through the forests, or soaking up the evening sky during outdoor bunk time. The earth is a gift to us, it is important to be thankful and respectful of its wonder and beauty.  Being immersed in camp’s natural beauty, we become more respectful individuals.  With this deeper appreciation we return home empowered to help others develop a stronger respect for the outdoors.  Accordingly we are empowered to spread the extraordinary in the ordinary.