The Best Week of Focuses in the Extraordinary WorldPosted by on July 14, 2017

At Fernwood Cove we refer to the final week of camp as The Best Week of Focuses.  This is the week that the girls remember most about camp. And we want to ensure that they are having the best time. We love to see the campers having fun while mastering new skills. Or continuing to develop skills they have spent the past two weeks working on. The energy among the girls and around camp is different to previous weeks.  It is something we can feed off of in a positive way.

Morning Activities

The Best Week of Focuses often includes unique activity options and traditions.  This includes the “Flam Dance” tradition.  This is where the day begins.  This Freestyle Dance focus is for the Flamingo girls and their counselors.  They all work with the dance counselors to learn a dance routine.  The energy and enthusiasm is through the roof as they prepare for their BEST Performance Night EVER.

Next, we travel down to the waterfront where Swim Fitness is taking place.  Campers enjoy this unique fitness option where the swimming counselors make fitness fun.  Additionally, campers are able to cool off from the heat with a refreshing dip in the lake.

Interest in waterfront activities is one thing that remains the same throughout every week of camp.  We finish up the morning enjoying the clear water of Island Pond.  Advanced activity options are available in Crew and Kayaking.  While other activities continue to offer the regular options.  Together this ensures that all campers continue in their skill development and learning.

The Best Week Afternoon Activities

At the start of the afternoon the crib is filled with girls in swimming lessons. Strokes are being broken down and skills and technique improved upon. There is a sense of achievement when the girls master the strokes they have been working on. Campers enjoy ending the week with relay races, diving practice, water games.  Playing on the slide and trampoline are fun rewards for a great week in the water.

The weekly Sports/Fitness requirement continues this week.  Counselors work to keep campers engaged and active. In Fun Run campers finished the week by running for their best times.  Games Day in Tennis is something campers and counselors look forward to.  It is incredibly rewarding to see the progress campers have.  Additionally campers have a greater understanding of what they can accomplish when they remain focused on their goals.

The Best Week of Focuses wraps up in the Chick.  Campers and counselors are working to finalize preparations for the musical production “Legally Blonde”.  Campers have worked together to learn their lines, develop songs, and perfect their choreography.  It’s going to be an amazing show, that’s for sure.

While this is just a snapshot into the Best Week of Focuses, it shows how amazing each day of camp truly is.  It will be sad to see the girls go but we are happy knowing we gave them the Best Week of Focuses!