Traditions at Fernwood Cove: Counselor HuntPosted by on July 24, 2017


Counselor Hunt is a large-scale version of Hide and Go Seek.  It is one of the most enjoyed traditions at Fernwood Cove.  The Counselors dress up into crazy characters and hide around camp. These wonderful characters have outstanding stories for why they have been sneaking and hiding on camp grounds. Campers search throughout camp to find the counselors.  When campers find counselors they take them to jail.  And then the counselors await their “trial”.  With their fate left in the hands of the Flams! The Flamingos have the honorable and exciting responsibility to decide if a counselor is guilty or innocent.  In the end the counselors who are guilty have to jump into the lake.

Counselors Show Their Playfully Silly Side

Counselor Hunt is more than just an entertaining EP full of laughs and memories. This incredible evening program is a turning point for campers, CITs and counselors. The typical lines of leadership and responsibility are broken down as this amusing EP plays through. The counselors show their playfully silly side.  Thus the campers begin to see the counselors as friends as well.  One of the traditions of Fernwood Cove is for the “Grand Flamily” appearance.  This is a collection of current and past Flamingo counselors who dress up as grandmas and grandpas.  Of course they wear pink.  Counselors develop unique costumes as well.  For example this year’s characters and costumes included avocados that had rolled out of the camp kitchen.  And an impersonation of Associate Director Alicia and her son!  As a result the camp community was energized by the counselors’ creativity and enthusiasm.

The playful and silly side of the counselors continues in their stories.  When found parties are put on “trial” they must have a story that goes along with their costume.  The Flamingos ask questions, and the plot of each counselor’s story thickens.  Consequently the counselors truly put themselves out there and act in the moment.  Spontaneous story telling fills the Chick with laughter.  And campers realize the pure joy that you experience when you let your guard down and do something for the fun of it.

Traditions at Fernwood Cove Strengthen Community Bonds

Campers look forward to Counselor Hunt each summer.  Some campers enjoy the excitement of searching for counselors.  Others barely contain themselves when the guilty counselors jump in the lake.  As crazy as the evening is, it is something that truly brings the camp community together.  This evening highlights how traditions at Fernwood Cove strengthen community bonds.

Campers are unified as they work together to search for and find counselors.  And then it is up to all of them to decide as a group who is guilty and who is innocent.  This Community building reinforces friendships amid the campers.  Additionally new friendships are formed as campers team up together.  And bonds between campers, CITs, and counselors are strengthened through the laughter. Each camper and CIT returns to her bunk with a new experience and tons of new memories.  All campers and counselors look back on Counselor Hunt memories with smiles on their faces and amazing stories to tell.