Being A Counselor

Being A Counselor

Being A Counselor

Ask yourself one simple question: “Do I love working with and making a difference in the lives of children?” Camp is a hard job. We are responsible for these children 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We need to supervise them, nurture them, teach them and guide them. If you come to camp for the right reasons, this will be the most memorable experience of your life. You will develop a life-long bond with your campers and leave a better person.

Counselor Responsibilities

The first responsibility of each and every staff member is the health and welfare of the campers. Each staff member is expected to take every care to protect the privacy and person of each camper. In addition to his/her ability to relate to children, each counselor is hired to lead or assist in a particular activity. With guidance from the administration and veteran staff members, each counselor is expected to implement a quality program in his or her area of expertise or to be a capable assistant. Knowledge, patience, creativity, and enthusiasm are some of the attributes vital to running a program that will generate and sustain the interest of the campers. Counselors spend the bulk of their time in the morning and the afternoon at their respective activity. The evening program is, for the most part, prearranged by the directors and a group of staff. Each counselor is expected to participate in evening activities unless they have a night off. The routine is broken up by special events, out of camp trips, and occasionally even a rainy day! Counselors do have some free time during the course of a day and are encouraged to take advantage of it to relax and rejuvenate. The use of most camp facilities are available when it does not interfere with camper programs.

Who We Look For

Fernwood Cove employs more than 120 people and we are looking for activity instructors who will also be bunk counselors. All staff are hired for their specific teaching skills, enthusiasm, and love of children. We are individually accountable as role models for children and we are responsible as a group for upholding the highest values of Fernwood Cove.

Staff serve as role models for our campers so they must always consider how their actions influence the campers. We hire women and men who enjoy being with children, who are patient, sensitive and understanding, who are interested in leadership training and group dynamics, who enjoy the outdoors and who will lead the campers by their good example.

Some qualities and characteristics we look for are:


  • All counselors must have the ability to teach or help with one or more of our activities.
  • Counselors must have completed one year of college or be at least 19 years of age.
  • All waterfront staff are required to have Red Cross Lifeguarding and CPR training or equivalent certification. (We offer a training course to obtain these certifications prior to Pre-camp).
  • Fernwood Cove seeks counselors with the genuine desire to share themselves while teaching, supervising and living with our campers.
  • People who look for solutions, not problems
  • High-energy, enthusiastic team players
  • Resilient and cheerful
  • Can give attention
  • Place the needs of children ahead of their own
  • Willing to accept guidance and direction from others
  • Have patience and an ability to listen and understand
  • Have a love for the outdoors
  • Have a desire to experience camp life
  • Good character, integrity, and adaptability.
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control.

In short, we’re seeking talented, fun, outgoing, enthusiastic individuals who can provide quality instruction on various skill levels in our activities. Some questions you might ask yourself in order to evaluate your potential for success at camp are: Have you enjoyed working with children previously? Have you had a positive camp experience as a child? Have you ever worked at a summer camp before? To what extent have you worked with children? Can you live with children on a 24-hour basis? Can you adjust to the camp community with its rigid schedules, rules and regulations?