Camp Sports Foster Skill Development Through Inter-Camp EventsPosted by on August 01, 2017

Fernwood Cove is an inclusive microcosm that allows girls to grow and develop new skills without fear of judgement. This atmosphere provides a unique experience in all camp activities.  The experience in sports activities at camp is notably different than experiences at home.  Camp sports foster skill development in a supportive and inclusive environment.  An environment where every girl is welcome to the field or court, no matter their prior experience.

Camp Sports Foster Skill Development On Land & On the Water

This week, campers continue to practice the skills they’ve learned in this extraordinary world.  Whether its refining skills they’ve obtained from the first week of gymnastics or getting up on the wakeboard for the first time. The second week of these activities is all about continuing to enhance their learning.  Many campers try something new, because in the extraordinary world it’s never too late to try something out of your comfort zone. From the waterfront to the soccer field, every sport and focus is in full swing this week. The second week brings more laps in the crib, more wind in the sails. There is a flurry of cartwheels in the gym. And trust being gained between camper and her horse.

Inter-Camp Events Foster Healthy Competition and Sportsmanship

As campers gain confidence in their abilities they develop an interest for a more competitive atmosphere.  Inter-camp events provide campers of all ages to continue their skill development in a friendly and more competitive atmosphere. Additionally, inter-camp competitions foster connections with other camps in Maine. Campers bring their excitement for their sports and share their enthusiasm with campers at other camps.

In the first week in the Extraordinary World, there was an abundance of inter-camp events. Campers competed with nearby boys’ and girls’ camps in a variety of competitive events. Campers sign up  to participate in these competitions, which range from sailing to kickball, to A’Capella. The variety available caters to many campers’ skills. Additionally, it gives Fernwood Cove girls a chance to excel in activities on a broader, more intensive scale. Finally, inter-camp events create a sense of community and camaraderie between campers. While there is palpable excitement healthy competition, we focus on being good sportsmen.

Campers enter into their inter-camp events knowing it’s more important to uphold Fernwood Cove values and practice good sportsmanship.  Bringing home a victory isn’t as important as remaining the best versions of ourselves on the sports field.  Additionally, inter-camp events give campers the opportunity to see other camps and interact with the greater camp community. Campers and staff leave inter-camp events knowing they’ve played fairly, upheld Fernwood Cove values, and shared a bit of the “extraordinary” with other campers in Maine.

Everybody Is A Winner At Fernwood Cove

Campers never fail to return from inter-camps tired and with huge smiles on their faces, no matter the outcome of the day’s match. This is a product of the great support system that is Fernwood Cove- everybody is a winner at Fernwood Cove. This support system isn’t limited to the people physically attending the competitions though. The inter-camps culminate with an announcement about the results of the event.  Campers are recognized by a chorus of “Please stand up!!” by the entirety of camp.  Then counselors commend campers for their great effort that day. Fernwood Cove inter-camp events inspire campers to push their limits and be a part of a team. They uphold the Fernwood Cove tenants of personal growth and community.  Lastly they bring the camp community together to support their sisters in white and green.

As we head into the second half of the second week of activities we look forward to the successes of Fernwood Cove campers.  The successes that will occur today and tomorrow.  And the ones that will come during the final days of the summer.  These successes will be seen on the sports fields, on the waterfront, and on the Chick stage.  The support of the camp community will push campers to be their best both in camp and out of camp.  Each success reminds us how camp sports foster skill development both on and off the field.  And how we can use these skills in all aspects of our lives.