Color War Focuses On Teamwork and Team SpiritPosted by on August 11, 2017

Color War is a long-standing tradition of summer camps across the country.  Color War is a favorite Special Event among campers.  While Color War at Fernwood Cove is unique in its traditions. However it continues to create camaraderie, unity and of course, team spirit.  Remaining true to the style of Fernwood Cove, campers, CITs, and staff are split into two teams- Green and White.

There are a variety of ways to gain points for your team throughout camp.  There’s Green & White Dance Party and receiving RAK Awards for random acts of kindness.  Each Fernwood Cove camper has a multitude of ways to contribute to her team’s success.  The most celebrated color war event is Green & White Day.  The senior campers, otherwise known as Flamingos, plan Green and White Day at Fernwood Cove.

Green and White Day Games

The seniors decide a secret theme within the first few days of camp. Then they organize games around that theme for the campers. Games range from traditional sporting options to cardboard boat races and lip-sync battles.  At each station, teams earn points for completing tasks and winning games.  Cheers, chants, and songs fill the air.  Campers gain points for team spirit and enthusiasm.  Each camper’s team spirit shines brightest in her Green & White team “costume”.

Prior to the afternoon competition campers, CITs, and staff gets into their craziest greens and whites.  Everyone goes all out and dresses up in their team color. Green and white Wigs, sunglasses, feather boas, and sweatbands are common costume items. The seniors also go bunk to bunk to offer face paint for girls to put on. There is no doubting the team spirit that is alive throughout the afternoon activities.

Color War Sportsmanship

Color War is a great way for campers to learn how to be supportive of their teammates. Seniors lead songs for campers to sing along to so they can cheer on their team. “Spirit points” are awarded to teams that show support for their teammates in fun and creative ways. Not only do campers learn how to support their teammates but also how to be good sports. Through RAK Awards and all-camp clean-up campers earn points for their team for doing good deeds.  At Fernwood Cove it is more about contributing to the team and supporting each other. Fernwood Cove girls are rewarded for continually striving to be the best versions of themselves.

By the end of the day, each camper’s sportsmanship has grown tremendously. They play fair and respect their opponent. The campers recognize that Green and White Day is for the collective community instead of the separate teams. Additionally, it’s not about winning. It’s about cheering on the girl running through the relay race regardless of what team she is on.