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The Next Chapter: The CIT Experience

I like to think of my experience here at Fernwood Cove in three chapters. The first is my camper years. Not many of you know me from when I was a camper. But for the few […]

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Teen Leadership Program is not just another summer at camp.

Teen Leadership Program Is Not Just Another Summer At Camp

Throughout their camper years Fernwood Cove girls experience a wide variety of activities.  They learn new skills in a supportive and diverse community.  Their bunkmates become their closest friends.  And they develop an understanding of simple […]

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Twenty years of summer camp in Maine.

Twenty Years – An Extraordinary Story of Growth

Each summer Fernwood Cove girls return home, return to a place that feels like it’s been there forever.  The enthusiasm that builds during the drive down Island Pond Road is a unique feeling.  As they drive […]

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Camp helps us grow to the best version of ourselves.

Departing the Extraordinary World As the Best Version Of Ourselves

Twenty-five days of camp.  Twenty-five days.  It’s hard to imagine such a short amount of time having an incredible impact upon anyone. However in just twenty-five days each individual in the Fernwood Cove community is changed […]

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