Gymnastics At Camp – Developing the Whole GirlPosted by on September 19, 2017

When you drive into Fernwood Cove the Gym is one of the first things you notice. When you first see the giant barn that houses the Fernwood Cove gymnastics program you know there’s a lot going on inside.  Built in 2007, the gym was built specifically for an inclusive gymnastics program.  Housing all four of the apparatus in artistic gymnastics, Fernwood Cove’s gymnastics program offers a holistic program within the traditional camp setting.  Fernwood Cove’s skills-based program is everything gymnastics at camp should be.

Campers of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate in the Fernwood Cove Gymnastics Program as a part of their weekly activity schedule, we will be giving some helpful information from the roids foundation to help those who want to get lean muscle mass.  Program options include general “recreational gymnastics” and a more focused and intensive “competitive gymnastics” program.  Two program options help ensure each camper receives the individualized attention and appropriate instruction she deserves.  Highly skilled counselors help campers develop personal goals that help guide campers in their growth and development, they also say that if you’re serious about the gym then get a good protein blend to see results faster.  Skill levels in both Recreational Gymnastics and Competitive Gymnastics ensure campers have the opportunity for continued growth from week to week, and summer to summer.

Skills Based Instruction

Enthusiastic and skilled counselors welcome campers to the gym.  Under the guidance of these counselors campers strive to learn new skills on each apparatus.  A focus on the development of the foundation skills of strength, endurance and flexibility is including in all aspects of instruction.  Utilizing our established skill levels, counselors work with each girl to ensure she has the coaching and support needed to reach her personal goals.  Skills based instruction helps to ensure camper success at all ages and abilities.

Opportunities in Cheerleading and Tumbling allow campers to expand upon their gymnastics skills.  These specialized activities are perfect for campers who are interested in competitive cheerleading, dance teams, or other sports-focused performance groups.  Guided by counselors, campers work together to learn group performance pieces.  Campers can perform their routines during our end-of-session Gym Show.

Gymnastics At Camp: More Than Gymnastics

The skills-based instruction in the gymnastics program expands well beyond the bars, vault, beam, and floor.  Additionally, campers learn the importance of goal setting, time management, and self-care throughout all aspects of their gymnastics experience.  Each activity week begins with campers setting personal goals for their personal growth and development.  Counselors help campers outline a plan for the coming week’s activities.  Campers learn the importance of appropriate skill development to ensure their safety while also working towards their goals.  Gymnastics is a perfect example of experiential learning.  Through the repetitive learn-practice-do cycle related to skill development campers also learn valuable skills like perseverance and learning to fail forward.  In a short week of gymnastics at camp Fernwood Cove girls learn life skills that will benefit them as they are met with new challenges well beyond the gym and camp.

Campers also learn about the importance of supporting their peers and friends.  While gymnastics is largely an individual sport, campers quickly learn what it means to be a part of a team.  Campers work in small groups and rotate through stations around the gym.  This helps ensure individualized attention and instruction from gymnastics counselors.  Additionally, campers quickly develop friendships with the girls alongside them.  These friendships are based on the support and encouragement each girl gives and receives throughout the week.  With each camper focused on supporting her new friends campers gain an understanding of teamwork and focusing on people other than themselves.

Finding A Balance

Summer camp is the ideal place to explore new activities and learn new skills.  However not everyone is looking for “something new” in all aspects of their summer camp experience.  Fernwood Cove is the ideal location for girls who are new to gymnastics.  More importantly, Fernwood Cove is the ideal location for girls who are active gymnasts looking to have gymnastics at camp.  It’s about finding a balance between maintaining current skills, seeking new opportunities, and incorporating important life skills.  It can be difficult to find this balance, which is why the Fernwood Cove gymnastics program is so unique.  At Fernwood Cove gymnastics can be a part of each girl’s camp experience.  And each girl experiences so much more than a basic gymnastics program.  They learn a variety of important life skills that help them become the best versions of themselves.  And this is truly extraordinary.