20th Summer Of Fernwood CovePosted by on December 18, 2017

Looking Back

This summer will be Fernwood Cove’s 20th! It’s incredible to see the progression of camp over the years. Camp started with 4 focus activities and now has 6 focus activities. There have been 5 cabins added since the first summer: Kinglet, Chickadee, Kiwi, Penguin & Flamingo. What opened in 1999 as a one session, approximately 60-person camp has grown and evolved to include two 3.5 week sessions with approximately 200 campers each. While structurally a lot has changed, the heart and soul, the values and philosophies, and the magic of Fernwood Cove has always remained the same.

Looking Forward

With the 20th Summer right around the corner, Fernwood Cove alums are busily discussing the various reunions around the world. Former campers and staff members joined Jim, Beigette and Caroline for Dinner in DC, and Alums experienced a Winter Wonderland in London. Alicia and Caroline will be traveling to England for an International Reunion in 2018! Join FC in London and catch up with old friends spanning two decades and multiple countries. 

In August, Camp will be hosting its first Alumni Women’s Weekend to celebrate the 20th Summer. Think back on all the amazing summer spent at camp, friendships formed, and life long memories made. Reach out to old friends and create a plan to reconnect. There will be camp activities, campfires, s’mores and dinner on the lawn. To RSVP to the reunion fill out the registration form at: https://www.fernwoodcove.com/alumni/20th-summer-reunion/. At least 40 alumni need to register by May 1st. This weekend is a fantastic opportunity to get back to camp and relive memories from long ago!

Giving Back

With the holiday season upon us, Fernwood Cove, like many others, is finding ways to give back. The Alumni Women’s Weekend is donation only to the Fernwood Cove Foundation. The foundation helps provide camper scholarships to deserving young girls. When you sign up to attend the reunion, your donation is giving the gift of camp. Let’s all remember what a spectacular gift camp was to each of us and give that to others.