The Evolution of the CIT ProgramPosted by on September 26, 2018

The Evolution of the CIT Program

In 2007, Fernwood Cove had its first group of CITs. Six former campers were lucky enough to wear maroon and white for the first time and make an impact on our community we had only dreamed of. Over the last 11 years, the program continues to change and evolve with camp, but the spirit of the CIT program, what it was meant to create, has stood the test of time.

The Fernwood Cove Counselor In Training program was created as the next step in a Cove girl’s journey. She is the bridge between campers and counselors. She is knowledgeable and approachable and has just as much to give back to the community as she has to gain from it. Campers at Fernwood Cove learn about independence, advocating for themselves, communication and perseverance. The CIT program continues that learning and development but recognizes that these young women are looking for more

Why Participate in the CIT Program?

If you ask any former CIT, they will share their glowing experiences. Fernwood Cove offers a unique program in that each camper can only stay for 3.5 weeks at a time. For the CITs, they are given the opportunity to remain at camp for the full summer. They experience a new session of campers and develop relationships and skills over an 8-week period.

Remaining at camp for both sessions allows the CITs to develop skills in instruction, certification, communication, and so much more. It is also an opportunity for the girls to meet the other session CITs and develop deep and meaningful connections. Many former CITs cite these friendships as being an incredible influence on their lives today.

What’s New in the CIT Program?

In conversations with former and potential CITs, it has become clear these young women want more responsibility and opportunities for training. As their guiding mentors at Fernwood Cove, we want to honor that. The CITs will be participating in hands on learning, instructing multiple activity periods a day across a variety of activities throughout the summer. Each girl, with the help of her CIT counselors and staff mentor, will choose activity areas to focus on and certifications to complete. This will allow the girls to walk away with not only those soft skills such as communication but concrete skills as well.

Fernwood Cove has always been the place your daughter holds dear. It is her home away from home, the place she feels safe to be exactly who she is. Will CIT be the next step in your daughter’s Fernwood Cove story? We hope so!