What’s New in NineteenPosted by on January 30, 2019

The New Year inspires us to reflect and plan for the coming year.  The “fresh start” feeling energizes us to set new goals and work towards growth and improvement.  As a matter of fact, this applies to Fernwood Cove programs too.  We are very excited for what’s new in nineteen!

This year we are focusing a lot of time and attention on the Feeder dining room update.  We are excited for other updates and new additions to the Extraordinary World.  Similarly, we look forward to reconnecting with our founding values and introducing new ones.

What’s New: Creating New Space

One of the most traditional parts of overnight camp is enjoying mealtime as a community.  Fernwood Cove’s family style meals provide campers and staff with daily opportunities to connect and build relationships.  The new dining room will continue to provide these amazing opportunities.  The feel of our meals and the closeness of our community will continue in our new dining room.

We are excited for what’s new: creating new space.  When completed, the Fernwood Cove community will enjoy a larger dining.  Additionally, an improved outdoor eating area will make dinner meals even more memorable.  Increased storage space in a new basement will ensure our Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff are able to work efficiently and effectively throughout the summer.

Returning to Our Roots

We are very exCITed to reintroduce our CIT Program.  This updated program includes new additions.  However, we are also returning to our roots.  More than ten Fernwood Cove girls are returning for our full-summer leadership program.  With a focus on hands-on leadership development, the CITs will gain a multitude of life skills throughout the summer.  CITs will continue to be Buzzins (bunk cousins) for younger campers, assist in focus activities and lead camp events.

A spring CIT Orientation Weekend is one of our favorite new additions.  Incoming CITs will come to camp this spring to connect and begin their transition from campers to CITs.  This is only part of what’s new for the updated program.  More importantly, CITs will continue to be an integral part of the Fernwood Cove community.

Building Traditions

The first twenty summers of Fernwood Cove have seen considerable growth and development.  Now a premier summer camp in Maine, Fernwood Cove has always stood strong on a foundation created of our philosophy and values.  Responsibility, Personal Growth, and Respect of the Outdoors have always driven Fernwood Cove programs.  Values of Simple Living, Friendship, Community, Diversity and Traditions have helped to develop the inclusive and welcoming family of Fernwood Cove.  While we stand strong to these founding values, we are always building traditions within the camp program and community.

This summer we are happy to also include the new value of “Loyalty” to the Fernwood Cove values.  In today’s world of immediate gratification and rapidly changing brands and markets it can be difficult to find loyalty.  Reconnecting with an important value from past generations, Fernwood Cove campers, CITs and staff will benefit from stronger relationships based on a stronger understanding of Loyalty.  Each camper’s overnight camp experience will be enhanced by her greater understanding of loyal friendships and her loyalty to camp.