Day of Giving Creates An Impact of a LifetimePosted by on April 23, 2019

Founded in 2012, the Fernwood Cove Foundation has provided seven Fernwood Cove campers with the extraordinary experience of summer camp in Maine.  May 1, 2019 marks the first-ever Fernwood Cove Foundation Day of Giving.  Be a part of this event by contributing to the Fernwood Cove Foundation.  Your tax deductible donation will help build excitement for the summer.  More importantly it supports to the Fernwood Cove Foundation campership fund.  The Fernwood Cove Foundation Day of Giving creates an impact of a lifetime.  Sign up as a contributor for the first annual Day of Giving today!

As a “Thank You!” anyone who contributes to the first annual Day of Giving will receive a unique donor package.  Donors can get excited for the first-ever Fernwood Cove Foundation sticker in their donor pack too!  This sticker will help spread the word about the importance of the Fernwood Cove Foundation.  Additionally, it will remind each of us of how easy it is to help build the foundation for an extraordinary world.

A Positive Impact for Girls

The value of camp is well documented.  Anyone who has experienced summer camp will likely agree it’s a life-changing opportunity everyone should experience.  Each summer Fernwood Cove becomes a summer home for four hundred girls from across the country and around the world.  Fernwood Cove values and programs create a positive impact for girls.  The Fernwood Cove Foundation was developed to help ensure girls from all backgrounds could attend and benefit from an overnight camp experience.  By supporting the Fernwood Cove Foundation you help ensure these opportunities for girls today and for many years to come.

For twenty years Fernwood Cove has created opportunities for learning and growth.  A reoccurring budget item, scholarship money is dedicated annually.  And this money continues to be dedicated  while the Fernwood Cove Foundation funds grow.  In 2018 over $160,000 was dedicated to scholarships.  This is in addition to the two Fernwood Cove Foundation campership recipients.  Fernwood Cove Owner/Directors, Jim & Beigette Gill, happily provide scholarships to allow Fernwood Cove girls to return to camp in Maine.  However, the goal for the Fernwood Cove Foundation is for the trust fund to grow large enough to cover the scholarship needs each summer.  This would provide significantly more money to support Fernwood Cove programs, activities and events to further impact all Fernwood Cove girls.  This is just another way the Day of Giving creates an impact.

Day of Giving Builds Community

The Fernwood Cove Foundation is quite young, and with all young things time must be given for growth.  The first annual Day of Giving is the perfect opportunity to help this growth.  The Day of Giving creates an impact that has a steady ripple effect.  Additionally, the Day of Giving builds community among current Fernwood Cove families and staff and alumni from the past twenty years.  By signing up as a contributor to the Day of Giving you connect with Fernwood Cove.  You also create the opportunity for Fernwood Cove to connect with you.

We also hope that you use this opportunity to reconnect with your fellow campers and counselors.  Joining together and helping spread the word about the Fernwood Cove Foundation and the Day of Giving will help us build the foundation even quicker.  More importantly, it will help us build and strengthen the Fernwood Cove community around the world!  One of the magical aspects of overnight camp is the connections that we create.  The Day of Giving is the perfect opportunity to create this magic in the ordinary world.

Celebrate the Day of Giving

Our summer days in Maine are typically technology-free.  However, there’s no better way to share your camp enthusiasm and spirit when we’re away from home.  We are asking you to celebrate the Day of Giving and your contribution, no matter how big or small.  This Fernwood Cove Foundation Day of Giving printable will help you share your Fernwood Cove spirit.  Print a copy before May 1 so it’s ready to include in your social media posts on the day!  Make sure to tag Fernwood Cove on Instagram and Facebook and we will share your post in our news feed and stories throughout the day.

Here’s how to prepare for the Fernwood Cove Foundation Day of Giving:

  1. Sign up as a contributor and add a reminder to your calendar.
  2. Print the Day of Giving Printable.
  3. Share Fernwood Cove posts about the Day of Giving with friends and family.  Bonus points for organizing a Day of Giving gathering or celebration in your area!
  4. On May 1, donate online.
  5. Take a photo commemorating your donation and post to your social media feeds.   Share your excitement for camp and your contribution to the foundation.  Remember to tag Fernwood Cove and your camp friends.
  6. Check out the Fernwood Cove Facebook news feeds and stories for updates about donations and donors throughout the Day of Giving.

Thank you for your continued support of Fernwood Cove.  And for helping to build the foundation for an extraordinary world.