Time flies when you’re having funPosted by on June 27, 2019

Wowza! Week one of the activity week is done! Quite often, the first week of anything out of the ordinary can seem a bit daunting but blink, and here we are. Even the girls who are first-year campers find themselves being surprised at how quick the time flies. As the cliche goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Imagine having fun every minute of everyday…The girls are in a whirl of excitement.

Tonight, first-year counselor Georgia from Wakeboard/Waterski updates us on everything that’s happened since you last read about Free Choice Day, and there is definitely a lot. 

 Here’s what Georgia had to say about the day:

“After some liquid sunshine earlier in the week Thursday really turned it on weather wise with the sun out and bright and the wind low to non-existent; just the way the waterfront likes it. As the swimming girls did their laps with much less squealing about cold water, the sailing girls learned to capsize, and our SUP gals showed off not only paddling skills but a bit of Sup Yoga too! One of our 2nd graders lead the group through a backbend pose while her friends got a bit wet as they learned the experiential way; let’s just say balancing with one leg on a SUP is harder than on land. 

“Our older girls out at Norway Lake (roughly fifteen minutes away) are really starting to practice more advanced wakeboard/waterski skills behind the bigger boats. They’re growing exponentially! One girl, who had never skied before in her life, is mastering two skis and showed us all a smile bigger than the boat! 

“With a well-erned hunger, we’re all always so excited to see what Chef Keith has made! Recently we’ve had some of the campers favorites, pancakes with blueberry compote, BBQ Mac N Cheese, and his speciality PIZZAS!!! After dinner, there’s always an awesome EP. Tonight is PERFORMANCE NIGHT. 

Just from listening to Georgia and being here, you can really feel the fun in the air, and it’s so obvious when watching the girls show everything they’ve learned in just a short week during Performances. They love it; bring on week two! We’re all so excited for tomorrow! Why? It’s LAZY BREAKFAST! So see you later world, have an extraordinary night!