Tennis at Summer CampPosted by on July 22, 2019

Hey there Fernwood Cove!! I’m Hailey and I’m from New Jersey! This summer is my sixth year at Fernwood Cove and I teach tennis. I’m so thrilled to be a bunk mom for Meadowlark in 5th grade this summer!

 As always, today was another extraordinary day at FC. Chef Keith and his staff prepared some fantastic breakfast sandwiches this morning. Clean-up went super smoothly this morning which shows the girls are really getting into the routine of camp, which is awesome. First focus on my schedule was tennis. The girls were learning volleys today so we played a lot of fun games to help them practice their tennis technique. For lunch, it was Shepherd’s Pie which was amazing as usual, followed by ice cream bars. Today was an absolute scorcher so that was very refreshing! 

After lunch, it was back to teaching more tennis; we had awesome groups of girls that were super excited to perfect their volleys and they all had a great time playing games with each other while keeping active. Dinner tonight was noodle bowls which is a new camp favorite this year, and tonight’s EP was… (drumroll) counselor hunt! All the counselors dressed up and hid all over camp for the girls to find us. Today was hot and though everyone was sweaty and tired by the end, it was still full of fun and laughter here at Fernwood Cove!!

 Now our day is done, the sun has gone, and we’re signing off for now; stay EXTRAORDINARY!