Free Choice DayPosted by on July 24, 2019

Hello Fernwood Cove; Clara here! Wow-what a day! The bell has just gone for the call to quarters, and everyone is ready for another night of sound rest. I’m going to bring out my inner Star Wars here and quote, “Darkness rises, and light to meet it.” I say this because our weather was quite like that today. This morning the skies were clouded and it was steadily raining till about noon; then the light came through, and it’s been beautiful ever since. 

Though the rain sometimes affects our outside activities (depending on what these are and how hard it’s raining), it was an absolution today. The past few days have definitely been on the hotter side, so I speak for campers, staff, and nature when I say we all appreciated the cool liquid sunshine!  

Free Choice Day

Today was Free Choice Day! Just as a reminder, this is the one day of the session that unique one-time offered activities are offered for the girls to sign up in. Some of these activities include camp t-shirts, different recipes for outdoor and indoor cooking, and international sports. For lunch, we had broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken, and for dinner was a HUGE camp favorite: wings and the fluff table! 

After an awesome meal, we went straight into tonight’s EP. It was Get to Know You Rotations! This is a very fun EP where the girls spread out around camp and play games that involve riddles and questions. They try and figure these out in order to move to the next rotation. Tomorrow’s a new day, so sayonara for now! 

Stay extraordinary folks!