Giving the Gift of Summer CampPosted by on December 02, 2019

In today’s world we can easily become distracted by our material possessions.  This is often most evident during the holiday season when we think of gifts to give and receive.  Children can become overwhelmed with the options and variety of toys and devices available to them today.  They can also be consumed by the “best” things based on what friends, classmates, and even family members deem important.  However, at Fernwood Cove we firmly believe that the best gift a child can receive is the gift of summer camp.  Yes, giving the gift of camp is the best thing you can do for your child.

The gift of camp provides children the opportunity to learn and grow in a multitude of ways.  Gaining independence and a stronger sense of self are just the beginning.  Fernwood Cove girls challenge themselves in new ways every day of camp.  And in doing so they experience struggles and successes.  They learn the value of failure and perseverance.  And they gain an understanding of true connections and meaningful friendships.  The summer camp experience provides so much more than any toy, electronic device, or even holiday trip can ever do.

Giving the Gift of Summer Camp

If you haven’t already enrolled for summer camp, now is the perfect time to do so.  There’s no greater gift to give a child over the coming holidays than the experience of summer camp.  Giving the gift of summer camp to a child opens up opportunities for growth and development now and long into the future.  The skills gained at Fernwood Cove aren’t just about the time at camp.  At Fernwood Cove we are providing girls with skills and experiences that benefit them long into their teens and adulthood.

If your daughter is already enrolled for summer 2020 the holidays are the perfect time to get her some amazing Fernwood Cove gear.  Other camp gear like water bottles and head lamps make great gift items as well.  Through Moxie’s Boutique at our outfitter Amerasport you can purchase gifts for other members of the family.  Grandma and Grandpa would likely love to share their pride of their Fernwood Cove girl!

Giving the Gift of Summer Camp to Others

Summer camp is a unique opportunity and something that we feel should be available to all kids.  Unfortunately, only a small percentage of American youth can afford a camp experience like Fernwood Cove.  The Fernwood Cove Foundation was established to help provide camper scholarships (camperships) to families in need.  These final weeks of the year are the perfect opportunity to not only give the gift of camp to our own children.  Giving the gift of summer camp to others through a donation to the Fernwood Cove Foundation is a truly extraordinary way to finish 2019.

For the past two summers the Fernwood Cove Foundation has provided two camperships to deserving girls.  This helps off-set the tens of thousands of dollars that Fernwood Cove earmarks for financial assistance.  Through donating to the Fernwood Cove Foundation you help strengthen the trust’s ability to contribute more campership funds in the future.  Thus, you help decrease the amount of financial assistance coming from Fernwood Cove and that saved money then goes back to fund equipment and projects for all Fernwood Cove campers.

The Gift of Camp Annual Campaign

Beginning December 3, 2019 the Fernwood Cove Foundation Annual Campaign: Give the Gift of Camp will begin.  This campaign is focused on giving the gift of summer camp to deserving girls now and for many years to come.  Established in 2012, the Fernwood Cove Foundation is quite young and is dependent on consistent giving from the Fernwood Cove community.  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.  And 100% of all donations go towards camper scholarships.

As an established 501c3 nonprofit organization all donations to the Fernwood Cove Foundation are tax deductible.  Receipts for all donations are provided, ensuring donors receive the full benefits of the tax write-off for the calendar year.  Donations can be made through the Fernwood Cove Foundation Cheerful Giving site.  One-time donations, reoccurring donations, and change round-up donation options are all available here.  If you are unable to contribute financially at this time you can contribute to the Gift of Camp Campaign by sharing the social media posts related to the campaign from December 3 – December 20, 2019.  Any support you can provide the foundation will help give the gift of summer camp to deserving families!