Travel to Camp Promotes Personal GrowthPosted by on March 19, 2020

In a few short months Fernwood Cove campers will be traveling to camp.  Traveling to Maine for summer camp can be a bit intimidating.  Particularly for new campers.  However, if you think about travel to Maine as a part of the whole camp experience the uncertainty dissipates.  That’s right, travel to camp is a part of the camp adventure.  In fact, travel to camp promotes personal growth.

Yes, personal growth can begin with your daughter’s travel to camp.  Whether she’s a first-timer or a seasoned camper, taking camp transportation instead of being driven to camp promotes important Fernwood Cove values.  Taking the camp bus or flying to camp are both huge opportunities for growth and connection.

The Camp Bus Promotes Connection

The camp bus is one of the most popular travel options for our New England families.  Chartered buses depart from Manhattan and Portchester, NY, Connecticut, and the Boston Suburbs.  Each bus is chaperoned by at least two Fernwood Cove counselors.  Buses are equipped with bathrooms and air conditioning.  Fernwood Cove counselors have DVDs to watch during the trip.  Often times the DVDs aren’t needed because campers are focused on catching up with friends, meeting new campers, and signing camp songs.  These are just a few ways the camp bus promotes connection.

A drive from Boston or Manhattan to camp takes three and seven hours respectively.  When campers ride the camp bus these hours are spent connecting with other Fernwood Cove girls.  New campers get to know other girls and learn camp songs.  Returners reconnect and rekindle friendships.  Effectively each camper on the bus begins her camp experience as soon as she gets on the bus.  What could be better than a bit more “camp time”?

Flying to Camp Promotes Personal Growth

Another camp travel option is flying to camp.  Well, you can’t fly all the way to camp.  But your daughter can fly to either Boston (BOS) or Portland (PWM).  It may seem like quite a stretch for your daughter to fly to camp on her own.  However, flying to camp promotes personal growth and valuable life skills like independence and communication.  Fortunately, with our recommended flights the likelihood of your daughter being completely on her own is quite slim.  And once she arrives at her destination airport a Fernwood Cove counselor will meet her at the gate and escort her through the airport and to the camp van.  From here they will travel back to camp with other campers arriving around the same time.

Fernwood Cove also provides chaperoned flights from Reagan International and LAX.  These flights are amazing options for our families in these areas.   A Fernwood Cove counselor or parent will meet camp families at check-in.  From there they will help lead the group through security and to the departure gate.  As always, campers are escorted through the arrival airport and to the camp van by Fernwood Cove counselors.  And then they travel the rest of the way to camp together.  Fernwood Cove chaperoned flights provide parents with additional peace of mind while also encouraging their daughter to try new things and gain independence.

Travel to Camp From Portland

Travel to camp from Portland is perfect for families who are planning for the trip to camp to be a family event.  A road trip to Maine is an amazing family travel opportunity.  And we don’t want to take this away from you.  If you are planning to travel to Maine with your daughter, by plane or by car, the Portland pick-up option is great.  This option is an amazing balance of the family trip and traveling with your daughter to Maine and providing her the opportunity to develop independence as she joins other campers in the camp van.

The Portland pick-up location is the Portland Jetport baggage claim area.  This allows parents to fly to Portland with their daughter in the morning of Arrival Day and return home later that afternoon.  Parents can support their campers as they begin their camp adventure.  And then allow their camper to begin her own independent adventure surrounded by fellow campers beginning their camp adventures too.  This shows a huge amount of confidence in your daughter and her ability to navigate camp on her own.  There’s no better way to begin an extraordinary summer.

Travel to camp promotes personal growth no matter which transportation option you choose.  And now is the time to finalize your transportation plans.  The Travel Form is due April 1, make sure you submit your travel plans on time.  Remember seats on camp buses are limited.  And while there is uncertainty in flight schedules right now we ask that you book flight reservations by April 1 as well.  You can always provide updates on your travel form if needed.