Special Events Allow for Reflection and Personal GrowthPosted by on July 08, 2017

It’s Friday, which means it’s LAZY BREAKFAST and a day of special events!

Campers, CITS and staff enjoyed their second lazy breakfast of the summer. It was followed by services lead by the 8th graders and then onto a fun special event for the afternoon, CARNIVAL

Services: Personal Growth

This week, the 8th graders also known as the ‘Penguins’ led Services. Their theme was personal growth through taking safe risks. The girls spoke about the challenges they had overcome and how they have grown through the opportunities to take safe risks in the Fernwood Cove community. Topics included:

  • Creating new friendships
  • Developing new skills
  • Leaving their comfort zones to achieve extraordinary things

Special Events: Back to the Future

When Fernwood Cove girls become 7th grade campers they start their camp leadership journey. They lead their own services and they also plan and run Carnival. This session’s Carnival theme was “Back To The Future” which was a real time warp.

Carnival includes a variety of stations and traditional carnival style treats. The stations included, but were not limited to:

  • A slip n’ slide time machine
  • Beach party
  • Disco style cookie decorating

Special events are a fun mix up to the daily schedule and give the campers further opportunities to grow in many ways. Older campers have the responsibilities of planning and executing a day for the whole community to enjoy. They experience many successes through the guidance and support of their counselors. For the younger campers they get to take part in many new amazing experiences, which are all kept a surprise to the last minute.