Diversity at Camp Builds Cultural ApprecationPosted by on July 26, 2017

Fernwood Cove is a place where children and staff of diverse cultures and backgrounds come together and truly thrive. Through the diversity at camp campers and CITs learn how to bridge cultural gaps through communication, collaboration and teamwork. They leave camp knowing that it doesn’t matter where someone is from or what language they speak. Once they put on the uniform they become part of the Fernwood Cove family.

Different Cultures Build Diversity at Camp

Walking through the Feeder at lunch time, it becomes apparent rather quickly that Fernwood Cove is a unique place. America, Australia, Peru, England, France, Spain, Japan, the Netherlands, and South Africa are all represented at the tables. And the list of countries continues on and on. Each country represented in the Fernwood Cove family has a flag flying from the rafters.

We celebrate the differences in the community in the games we play, the foods we make, and the slang that we embrace at camp. Through the Mini Courses, Focuses, and daily interactions. The girls walk away from camp with more than just a new word for a thunderstorm (wanger banger). They walk away with the confidence to ask about what they don’t understand. They walk away with an appreciation of new cultures because they came to know and love people from those cultures.

Different Backgrounds

Our different backgrounds is a great equalizer within the camp community.  It doesn’t matter where someone is from or who their family is once they arrive at camp.  We all don the same uniform.  We eat the same food.  And everyone participates in the same activities. Fernwood Cove girls leave behind the outside world and enter into a truly exceptional space where everyone is encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. Every single day.  The campers and CITs get to take the best part of themselves and share it with their new camp family. Together they create an environment in where everyone celebrates their differences. Together they create an inclusive world.  And they transform themselves into the girls they have always wanted to be.

Fernwood Cove is a safe haven for the girls of today. They leave behind their gadgets and cliques. And they enter into a extraordinary world in the middle of Maine. Girls return year after year because camp is a magical place. At camp, we celebrate diversity. New cultures are appreciated. And we cherish people from all backgrounds.  Each person contributes to the diversity at camp.  Each member of the Fernwood Cove community helps to build the extraordinary world.