Trust and Teamwork on the Cliffs of AcadiaPosted by on August 02, 2017

One of Fernwood Cove’s most anticipated Trip Day is the 8th grade overnight to Acadia National Park.  Campers look forward to this trip for years as it is far away from camp and they get to rock climb and rappel at the National Park. The trip brings the girls closer together and teaches them many valuable lessons.  Most notably the life skills of trust and teamwork.

Even the Rain Doesn’t Dampen Spirits

One of the most vital lessons the girls learn is teamwork. They soon realize that when it’s pouring rain it is easier to set up a tent if everyone works together.  The rain doesn’t dampen the spirits of Fernwood Cove Penguins. Rather it means that we all need to work together to make sure everything works out. And the best way to brighten any rainy day is to make a rainstorm. The girls all huddle around the campfire and begin to create the traditional Campfire rainstorm.  Working together they use their hands and feet they recreate the magic we experience each week at campfire.

Trust is also a huge skill that the girls learn while in Acadia National Park. They trust their bunk mate of maybe only 5 days to be their sole support when climbing the face of the cliff. Girls quickly develop trust in one another as they guide and encourage their bunk mates as they climb.  In a short day the campers strengthen their bonds with each other and quickly form into a cohesive team.

Trust and Teamwork Are Vital for 8th Grade Campers

Trust and teamwork are vital for 8th grade campers as they plan Banquet.  This requires that they work together to coordinate one of the most anticipated nights of camp. Also, they will be the seniors of camp next year.  Developing these valuable skills as juniors will help them lead the rest of camp.  It also ensures they are strong role models for younger campers who look up to them.

One simple rock climbing trip really makes all the difference to bring them closer as a bunk family.  Their rock climbing trip also instills the importance of trust and teamwork through hands-on experiences.  Juniors return to camp united as a bunk family and as a team.  They return home with skills that will last them a lifetime.