Overnight Camping Trips: Friendship, Fun, and so much S’morePosted by on August 03, 2017

One week into camp the 7th graders set off on their overnight camping trip to Ferry Beach State Park.  This is a great chance for the age group to bond before planning 7th grade Services and Carnival. With minimal help from the counselors the girls are successful in putting up their tents.  The night continues with dinner over the campfire and s’mores by for dessert.  The age group continues their journey to the beach where the girls come together to enjoy an evening on the coast.   Soon songs about campers riding on “their big fat pony” or how someone  ‘jig-a-lows’.  It is truly heart warming to see approximately 30 beautiful girls singing and dancing.  Not having a care in the world about what other people are thinking. Truly having the times of their lives.


The next morning the campers and counselors take a short ride to a ropes course.  There they experience a day of team building and ropes course activities.  Initially, these activities allow the campers to network with other individuals whom they may not live in their bunks. Campers and counselors are split into groups to start their team building experiences.  Activities include team building initiatives like ‘Stepping Stones’. The goal of the activity is for each camper to be standing on a stepping stone.  No one can touch the grass.  Following each successful round a stepping stone is removed.  As time goes by the stepping stones become fewer and the creative thinking grows.  This is a great way to start a team building adventure as it allows every girl to contribute to the group’s success.  The connection among the campers continues to build from here.


After lunch, the campers and counselors begin adventure on the ropes course.  This is where the trust in their peers comes in to play. Campers work in small groups to overcome challenges to get to the top of the course.  This is something that requires help from a partner.  And the support of her belay team on the ground.  The amount of trust campers have in four other girls is astonishing.  And it really shows the amount of support and encouragement within the camp community.  It shows who Fernwood Cove girls truly are.


It is truly amazing to see the enthusiasm and encouragement shared between campers. The 7th grade overnight camping trip helps the age group bond as one and prepare for their Penguin year.  Campers learn the importance of support and encouragement.  They also better understand what it means to truly trust others.  Each individual 7th grade camper is a true representation of what Fernwood Cove brings to a teenage girl. The energy and trust they have in one another is not something that you can teach in the outside world, it is simply extraordinary.